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negotiation strategy
Intermediate Procurement New

Developing a Negotiation Strategy

Enrolled Students: 18 No Ratings 50 minutes

The course teaches how to develop a negotiation strategy, its objectives, arguments, and levers, understand business context and needs, and prepare using the 3Ps (Preparation, Process, People).

$ 49
ESG in Procurement
Advance Procurement New

ESG in Procurement Course

Enrolled Students: 18 No Ratings 1 hour 50 minutes

This course equips you for sustainable & responsible sourcing. Master sustainable procurement with our ESG in procurement course. Reduce environmental impact & promote ethical sourcing.

$ 49
Purchasing Process
Foundation Procurement

Mastering Purchasing Process

Enrolled Students: 14 No Ratings 46 minutes

This course equips you with the entire purchasing process, from steps and roles to inventory systems and key software (ERP & MRP).

$ 49
Supplier Relationship Management
Intermediate Procurement

Supplier Relationship Management

Enrolled Students: 19 5.0 (1) 59 minutes

This course equips you with methods to classify, evaluate, develop, and audit suppliers. Learn how to conduct winning evaluations and build strong partnerships for a more efficient business.

$ 49
Advance Procurement

E-Auction Basics

Enrolled Students: 13 No Ratings 50 minutes

This course covers the introduction and importance of e-auctions, the opportunities, parameters to keep in mind and the metrics associated with e-auctions.

$ 49
category management
Foundation Procurement

Procurement Toolbox # 1: Category Management

Enrolled Students: 15 No Ratings 50 minutes

This course covers spend analysis, its categories, needs, and risks.

$ 49
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AI in Procurement
Advance Procurement

AI in Procurement Basics Course

Enrolled Students: 10 3.0 (1) 1 hour

The AI in Procurement Basics course offers a comprehensive overview of the integration of artificial intelligence into procurement processes.

$ 29
Foundation Procurement

Ethical and Responsible Sourcing Practices

Enrolled Students: 20 No Ratings 1 hour

This Ethical and Responsible Sourcing Practices course covers ethics in procurement, compliance in procurement, and how to sustain ethical approaches in procurement.

$ 49
Intermediate Procurement Best Seller

Contract Management in Procurement

Enrolled Students: 18 4.0 (2) 1 hour 05 minutes

This course covers documents and contractual agreements between customers and suppliers, clauses, KPIs, and SLAs in contractual agreements in procurement.

$ 49
supplier market analysis
Foundation Procurement

Understanding Supplier & Market Analysis

Enrolled Students: 18 5.0 (1) 1 hour

This course covers understanding potential suppliers and doing market analysis by using different approaches such as ABC, PESTEL, and SWOT analysis.

$ 49
Procurement Toolbox
Intermediate Procurement Best Seller

Procurement Toolbox #1: Communication & Facilitation in Procurement

Enrolled Students: 14 5.0 (3) 50 minutes

In this course, you'll gain essential communication and facilitation skills for procurement, empowering both new and experienced professionals to navigate complex processes successfully.

$ 49
Procurement Technology
Intermediate Procurement Supply Chain Digitalization Best Seller

How to Choose and Select the Right Digital Procurement Technology

Enrolled Students: 15 4.7 (3) 1 hour 12 minutes

The Digital Procurement Technology course covers a range of topics to help businesses understand the benefits and challenges of implementing digital procurement solutions.

$ 49
Foundation Procurement Best Seller

Introduction to Negotiations Process

Enrolled Students: 21 4.8 (4) 62 minutes

In this course, you will learn phases of the negotiation process and building a negotiation team. Preparation for negotiation and planning, defining goals and alternatives. Trade-off and bargaining.

$ 49
Advance Procurement Best Seller

Total Cost of Ownership & Serve

Enrolled Students: 18 4.5 (4) 60 Minutes

Learn about Total Cost of Ownership Definition, Key Considerations, The Green Economy Impact, Post Covid Supply Chain Realities and Cost Calculation Checklist

$ 49
The Fundamentals of Sourcing
Foundation Procurement Best Seller

The Fundamentals of Sourcing

Enrolled Students: 30 5.0 (3) 1 hour 05 minutes

In this course you will learn 7 Steps of sourcing process, Make or Buy decision, Approaches to tendering process, Key process for obtaining quotations and tenders, Pre-qualification evaluation and Awarding criteria

$ 49
Foundation Procurement Best Seller

Introduction to Category Management

Enrolled Students: 28 5.0 (2) 1 hour 10 minutes

This course covers explanations and definitions of category management, strategy and implementation of category management.

$ 49
Mastering Procurement - Essentials Skills and Competencies
Foundation Procurement Best Seller Free

Mastering Procurement - Essentials Skills and Competencies

Enrolled Students: 247 4.7 (17) 60 minutes

Introduction to Procurement is the ultimate course for Procurement and Purchase Management for Engineers, Entrepreneurs, Managers, and Students


What is Procurement?

Procurement is a field of supply chain management associated with obtaining goods and services required for the company. Procurement involves negotiating with suppliers to obtain products and services at the best value. Some companies extend the procurement process to updating the payment terms while normally the procurement process ends with getting the goods delivered by issuing purchase orders and processing the payment.

What is the difference between purchasing and procurement?

People often confuse purchasing and procurement and use the words interchangeably. Procurement is considered as purchasing goods and services but it is more than that. Purchasing is one stage or aspect of the whole procurement process. The procurement process includes sourcing, gathering quotations, negotiating with the suppliers, purchasing the goods and services, getting them delivered, and inspecting them. It sometimes does not end here and the payment is also processed by the same team. Moreover, procurement people are responsible for maintaining the records of all the items and processes.

Why is procurement important in business?

Procurement is very vital process for a business because it helps in obtaining goods and services as required by the company from a reliable and efficient source while maintaining the quality of the items to be purchased. From sourcing raw materials for the production process by the manufacturing companies, or new office supplies, the procurement process covers it all. Sourcing the replenishments on time is very crucial for a manufacturing company hence procurement team needs to be efficient.

What is included in the procurement courses?

There are a variety of topics and subtopics under procurement which are taught online by various experts of the field on different platforms. A basic introduction to the procurement course includes the definition and importance of procurement processes, types of procurement, steps included in the procurement process, the difference between procurement and purchasing process, trends in procurement, etc. Various other courses cover negotiation skills, category management, contract management, sourcing process, digital procurement, etc.

Where can you find procurement courses online?

You can use Google to find the best online procurement courses. The recommended sites for you are LinkedIn Learning, SCMDOJO, Coursera, etc. These platforms offer many courses related to procurement and its subtopics with practical assessments and quizzes. They provide practical knowledge that you can gain sitting at your home.

What value do procurement online courses offer?

Procurement online courses offer practical knowledge for individuals seeking to enhance their skills in the field. These courses include subtopics such as category management, contract management, negotiation skills, digital procurement, etc. Each of these courses is expert-taught which will help you in identifying the suppliers, sourcing process, negotiating with suppliers, and leading the procurement process. All these courses are unique concerning their content and the qualifications of the instructors. As these courses are taught by industry leaders, they are good to add credibility to your professional profile.

What are the benefits of procurement online training?

Procurement online training offers unique value to procurement professionals. All procurement employees must know the ins and outs of the procurement process and these trainings can help you learn them easily. It helps the procurement people to efficiently get the quotations, identify suppliers, and purchase goods and services effectively. Employees who go through regular training tend to perform better as they keep enhancing their skills. These skills are great for your career growth. These online trainings are short and do not require more of your time hence giving more value to the user in less time. These trainings also help avoid potential conflicts of interest. The employee efficiency is increased which increases the overall efficiency of the procurement process. Organizations with trained employees save time and money with increased productivity and efficiency.

What is the benefit of obtaining procurement certification?

Some of the platforms that offer procurement courses online give you a completion certificate at the end of each course. Make sure there is a certificate at the end of course completion because this would add credibility to your learning and your profile. SCMDOJO offers you a shareable certificate with complete details. This also demonstrates that these platforms are authentic. People with procurement certification are more efficient in the field. It helps them to share it with their organization and on LinkedIn to keep their profile up-to-date. Certifications help you attract more career opportunities hence your career growth prospects increase. To obtain the certification, you need to create a profile on your chosen platform and pick and choose the course you want to learn about. Enroll in that course and complete it by listening to all the lessons and completing any assignments or quizzes in the lessons. At the end of each course, you can request a course completion certificate.