28 Best Facebook Group for Supply Chain & Procurement Professional
09 Jul

The 28 Best Facebook Groups for Supply Chain, Procurement & Logistics Professional

To start with, how many Facebook Groups are you in right now or what is the best Facebook group for Supply Chain is? I bet we cannot tell or give a precise number. I know I could not do the same, as well. I could also bet on a few groups that come to mind when asked about Facebook Groups. You should think of them immediately if they offer actual value, engaging content, and interactions you consider useful in building relationships with other professional members. It is a standard all professional groups should aim to endorse. You should also look into The Top 31 Supply Chain Groups on LinkedIn You Must Join to broaden your network and reach.

We usually fail to realize Facebook groups for Supply Chain are not just virtual connections but groups with massive benefits. The best Facebook Groups for Supply Chain offer quality content that powerfully possesses a great impact on its members. As an SCM professional, you cannot but help love dedicated SCM Facebook Groups.

The Benefits of Joining a Facebook Group for Supply Chain


Joining a committed Facebook group for Supply Chain usually comes with several unique benefits that are peculiar to what we need as professionals. Joining a Facebook group for Supply Chain has also been identified as one of the simplest things to do in contributing quickly to your professional growth where professionals share top career tips, useful YouTube videos, supply chain guides, and supply chain courses. Below are the key 8 benefits of joining dedicated SCM Facebook groups.

1)      Exceptional Committees, Organizations, and Teams


Top Facebook group for Supply Chain are a no-brainer in finding useful Committees, Organizations, and Teams. You can attain invaluable results from using Groups as committees for bringing professionals together. Following up on offline meetings around your area and in-person chats cab can aid expand your professional views quickly!

I have met Radu in one of those Groups and he is an expert in Connecting Supply Chain Top Talent. Please do watch his interview to get awesome career tips


2)      Event/Post Conference/ Workshop Hangouts


A significant part of going to events is the buzz that follows from hanging out with leading SCM professionals. Facebook group for Supply Chain will allow you to continue that buzz, converse, learn, and inspire others.  Even though I play part roles in several seminars, I have helped provide useful information to my social media Groups. The use of Facebook group makes it all super easy to stay in touch about any event.

3)      Exclusive Memberships


Joining Facebook groups that offer “exclusive” access can be an excellent addition to your social media lifestyle. As SCM professionals, you get to see products/services in a momentous way and get access to new content/updates available to members.  The ease of using Facebook Groups makes them a cost-effective alternative to introducing latest niche specific ideas.

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4)      Informational Discussions


In addition to networking and finding new prospects in Facebook Group for Supply Chain, you are also getting good source for useful discussions and information. Some extremely informational groups are only relevant when typical problems of interest are discussed. You also get periods of free invites to virtual events and other considerably great opportunities to get free information.


5)      Mentoring


Facebook group for Supply Chain works well if you seek mentoring. Such groups provide an excellent way for members to connect, inspire, and seek opportunities to communicate with International professionals. Catch-ups and regular updates are regularly discussed, so you can be rewarded daily with inspirations and ideas.

I have also conducted a Supply Chain Career Mentoring Webinar which is received very well and answered some FAQs. We should watch till the end to see the best questions.

6)      Networking

Creating reliable networks as a professional is very important. Nowadays, networking involves more than just physical interaction. Online networking may not seem traditional but works effectively as well. Most Facebook group for Supply Chain, offer various guidelines suited to ensure you find professionals with similar interests. These make collaboration and networking easy and keeps user active with relevant posts.

7)      New Prospects

With dedicated Facebook groups, there is an accompanied ease of connection amongst like-minded professionals, thus boosts the sharing of new prospects. These prospects could serve as career boost or stare up your interests in venturing into something new. Facebook groups are typically setup for like-minded professionals to share free resources, job postings, speaking opportunities, and so much more. I know there may be several postings a day, but you gain a lot more from being active. Also there is opportunity to create Facebook ad

8)      Product Launching or Special Developments

The use of Facebook group for Supply Chain can be lovable and great for brainstorming new concepts. Connecting or even seeking partnership with other professionals in handling a project helps you get top clients/professionals willing to share or improve your ideas. Sharing of views on Facebook groups works well and have achieved excellent results.

Which Facebook Group for Supply Chain, Procurement & Logistics Professional should I join?


Discovering the best Facebook groups for Supply Chain, Procurement & Logistics Professional is reasonably straightforward. A simple search of what interest you start by using the Facebook search bar. Several groups will pop up, but most groups tend to be closed, and you are expected to request to join.

Although, Facebook groups for Supply Chain, Procurement & Logistics Professional have large number of members, I always encourage professionals to be part of them. It is the only guaranteed way they become entirely beneficial. Most times, there is always something to interact about as several members have a thing or two to contribute daily. With the mindset of growth, below are the best 28 Facebook Group for Supply Chain, Procurement & Logistics Professional to join. Please click on the heading to open a link to join the group.

1.      Supply Chain Management


Closed Group | 39.1k followers

This Facebook group, with over 39000 members, is entirely about Supply Chain Management and its related fields. Built solely for individuals with interest in Supply Chain Management, you only get added when you show real interest in SCM. Members are only allowed to post and engage all contents relating to SCM. Contributions concerning SCM are highly appreciated. Also, posting questions relating to SCM are answered accordingly. This group provides insightful knowledge and opinion from different experts with a variety of perspective.

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2. Supply Chain, Logistics, Purchasing, and Procurement: Job and Networking


Public Group | 22k followers

Dedicated to helping logistics, procurement, purchasing, and supply chain professionals to achieve better career potential, this SCM group is amongst the leading Facebook group for sharing and finding Jobs, Network, Business Info, Career contacts, and Posts globally.

3. Logistics and Supply Chain Management Professional


Public Group | 21.8k followers

This Facebook Group for Supply Chain is intended to be a platform for individuals into logistics & Supply Chain management to share individual thoughts and discuss topics relating to the field. The group features a network of professionals ranging from Entry to Senior Level Professionals.

4. The Chartered Institute of Procurement and Supply (CIPS)


Public Group | 21.4k followers

This Facebook group for Supply Chain intends to promote and grow high standards among professionals in terms of ability, integrity, and skill sets. Open to various professionals engaged in purchase and supply chain management, the CIPS is intended to assist individuals, organizations, and professionals as a whole. CIPS is a leading body representing the field of SCM, and with over 18k+ members, you are sure to find useful contents.

5. Procurement and Supply Chain Management


Public Group | 2.6k followers

The primary interest of this Facebook group for Supply Chain is to offer effective and efficient methods in funds usage for public and project procurement management. The public group with 1.4k members is open to anyone working in Procurement, Contracting, Logistics, Supply, Storage, distribution, Transportation, Shipping, Finance, Accounting, and other related fields.

6. Global Logistics and Supply Chain Leadership forum


Public Group | 7.9k followers

The objective of the Global Logistics and Supply Chain Leadership forum is to aid connect SCM professionals in various fields. Not only has the market evolved to what it is today, the group aims to provide future forecast, identify strategic inflection points, assist in attaining greater efficiency and control. It’s an open group with a global outreach for individuals to share their ideas, leadership styles, knowledge, innovations, and also provide a competitive edge.

7. Transport/Logistics & Supply Chain Management: Helping others find jobs


Closed group | 18.8k followers

By becoming a member of this Facebook group for Supply Chain, you get to enjoy a lively network of global professionals helping others find jobs, mutual sharing, care, and great ideas. The group is moderated by top professionals who intend to share their experience and best practice in Logistics and SCM.

8. Supply Chain Jobs


Closed group | 7k followers

This Facebook group for Supply Chain is a global group intended for sharing of supply chain management job vacancies, career development advice, and networking.

9. Chartered Institute of Logistics and Transport – International


Public Group | 4.1k followers

The Chartered Institute of Logistics and Transport (CILT) is a professional body representing the transport and logistics industries worldwide. The Facebook group is open to all members as a platform for exchanging ideas, opinions, information, enhance friendship, and foster a transparent working relationship internationally. Participation is encouraged for every member with insight and access to knowledge of the supply chain industry.

10. Lean production/six sigma


Public Group | 13.7followers

As lean and six sigma thinking continues to spread to every country on the globe, leaders are also adapting to the tools and principles beyond manufacturing, to logistics and distribution, and many more. The lean production/six sigma group is intended to provide regular updates about the latest in the lean and sigma world.

11. APICS CSCP Club – Global


Closed group | 4k followers

The APICS CSCP Club is a global group dedicated to connecting Supply Chain professionals with APIS who share and understand your needs and aspirations. Although guided with defined rules, the closed group is intended to provide both quality information and materials about Supply Chain and related fields.

12. APICS CPIM Club – Global


Closed group | 3.1k followers

The APICS CPIM Club – Global is a closed group intended for members to stay in touch with other CPIMS around the world. The group welcomes the sharing of quality materials and ideas amongst members who seek the views of other connected professionals in the field.



Closed group | 2.4k followers

This is a group to bring all procurement and Supply chain  practitioners under one umbrella in order to share ideas and the requisite knowledge in our field of work. To feed ourselves with modern trends, knowledge and skills in our field of work in an e way.



Closed group | 3.4k followers

Aspiring procurement professionals joining hands to change Africa and the whole world at large



Closed group | 46k followers

Group “LOGISTICS VIETNAM” is a place for members to share information / knowledge, exchange practical experience, support and connect with each other in the field of Logistics.

  1. Supply Chain Management Tools

Closed group | 8.6k followers

This Facebook group for Supply Chain is a global group intended for sharing of supply chain management development advice, networking and Professionalism

  1. Supply Chain Association of Pakistan (SCAP)

Closed group | 5k followers

Supply Chain Association of Pakistan (SCAP) is an Association has been formed by industry professionals associated with various Supply Chain functional areas such as logistics, distribution, procurement, planning etc. It is a non-profit organization run by industry professionals elected by the members.

  1. Supply Chain Today Group

Public group | 8.1k followers

  1. All About Logistics and Supply Chain Management news

Closed group | 15k followers

All about LOGISTICS and Supply Chain Management you will find here includes (News, Jobs, Advertisements, Events about logistics, Logistics companies, information’s about logistics and Supply Chain Management.

  1. Logistics/Freight Forwarding

Closed group | 64.7k followers

This group is created to network between logistics businesses. You can promote your business or discuss topics related to Freight/Logistics

  1. Jobs in Singapore – Logistics/Warehouse

Closed group | 44.7k followers

  1. Procurement- Purchase Managers Dubai

Closed group | 2.4k followers

Inviting All IT & Procurement Managers from Dubai UAE To join this group also suppliers /Manufactures can join .Here we update about new models and latest technologies trends in the market



Closed group | 5.5k followers



Closed group | 5.5k followers

This group is solely for the holders of CPSP(K) and those that are in the process of taking the Course. Members are urged to keep it PURELY professional as anything found to contravene with the group’s Terms and Conditions will be thrown out without Notice. We are a dedicated group towards ensuring best practices in the Procurement Field. As such, we are destined towards a clear and flawless procurement process free of any malpractice. We therefore ask that as many as possible holders of this Certificate and those undertaking the course, join to bring a greater change in this field


  1. The procurement Officers

Public group | 5.9k followers

The group is for all people in the procurement departments, and any other interested. it will entail activities like, helping others get attachment, job, and for students we help answer the various question: Assignments.

invite as many people as pos


  1. Logistics & Supply Chain professionals

Public group | 23.7k followers


  1. Alexandria Supply Chain Community (ASCC)

Public group |7.8k followers

Alexandria Supply Chain community is an online platform for sharing the supply chain knowledge aiming to build a strong network for all Egyptian supply chain professionals engaged in different activities and events. vision is to be a leading initiative towards a cooperative respectful and professional community exporting talents and experiences to the local and global market.


  1. Warehouse logistics

Public group |9.5k followers

This group is about warehouse logistics and all its related fields…Your contribution would be highly appreciated… no language restriction. Let’s share the knowledge! Join us and enjoy learning warehouse logistics!



Do you intend to join more professional Facebook Groups? I always get excited about joining a “Group” on Facebook, once it is essential and engaging with the right contents. The best 12 Facebook Group for Supply Chain, Procurement & Logistics Professional are set to quickly offer the experience and opportunity you desire in a good SCM group. Once you decide to make an effort, I can assure you would love them. I look forward to hearing your feedback and ideas!


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