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27 Best Procurement Blogs and Websites You Should Bookmark

Staying up to date with persistent changes is amongst the challenges facing most procurement professionals nowadays. The field of Procurement has regularly encountered the difficulties of getting up to time with top organizational and technological changes. The importance of keeping up with the latest innovations and technological changes is what births the idea of creating Procurement Blogs and websites. This idea has been highly welcomed, but what is considered is upholding best practices regarding doing a good job and leaving readers unbiased.

We have also written a blog on 20 Best Supply Chain Blogs and Websites You Should Follow, which you will find it useful.

Luckily, there are quite a few great procurement blogs and resources available today to aid procurement professionals to stay updated with every latest ideas and innovation around the globe. Below are the 27 Best Procurement Blogs and Websites You Must Follow, compiled from a survey on professional procurement readers’ choice. It is important to note that the numbering here is done in no particular order or depict any ranking system!

1. CIPS (Chartered Institute of Procurement and Supply)


The CIPS is the premium champion in leading global professionals in procurement and supply chain management. Presently, it is the biggest and major organization devoted to the profession, with a procurement blog having over 200,000+ global members. CIPS is a non-profit organization which also invest its income into other advance international practice. CIPS indeed has one the leading procurement blog!

2. Institute of Supply Management (ISM)


ISM is amongst the world’s largest supply management professional association with over 40,000+ members. The ISM website features different valuable articles and tools, available for free after, registration. I have written a blog to compare with APICS to help you decide which qualification is more suitable. You should read APICS vs ISM – What Should You Choose?

3. is a Procurement Blog based in the US, and serves 90,000+ procurement and supply chain experts in various sectors. With contents published 12 times yearly, a great feature of is the access to digital content from present and previous issues without having to subscribe. The website also provides useful online resources including case study archive, supplier listings, procurement blogs, webcasts, etc.

4. offers Logistics research, Procurement, SCM procurement blog that covers a wider range of issues and topics applicable to procurement experts globally. This procurement blog mainly features more in the areas of e-commerce and technology. A download or subscription fee is required for much of its content. Nevertheless, there is a sizable amount of free content in terms of Research Briefs, Perspectives, and also Full Reports.

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Ariba is an international provider in spend management solutions including consulting, domain expertise, and technological services. Given their wealth of expertise, the Ariba procurement blog focuses much on this expertise available via the Resources section which comprises of various category of Supply Watch report, published quarterly.

Procurement Technology

How to Choose and Select the Right Digital Procurement Technology

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6. CAPS Research


CAPS Research is a nonprofit, autonomous research group devoted to issues on the supply chain. CAPS Research procurement blog is founded on knowledge assembled from global sponsor community through research events, roundtables, and workshops facing current issues on the supply chain. Articles, Benchmarking reports, best practices, the critical issues reports, focus studies, research findings, and all available to the public.



CPO Rising is intended for and near Chief Procurement Officers and other supply chains senior manager. It is also the largest procurement blog fixated on procurement and supply administration. CPO Rising mission is to get executive leaders involved with a steady source of the finest, and original content.

8. eSourcing Forum


eSourcing Forum is a procurement blog authored and edited by Iasta. This procurement blog covers primarily procurement and supply subjects from the e-commerce standpoint. This Forum also integrates content and topics from a wider range of procurement subjects. The forum is easy to navigate through free text search alongside links to other valuable internet resources.

9. SCMDojo and the Procurement Blogs


SCMDojo provides a source for everything relating to Supply Chain Management, Leadership, and Procurement. This Procurement Blog major focus lies in assisting readers “gain knowledge” in operations world. It also aids in decision-making process and driving “Continual Improvement” for both businesses and jobs. SCMDojo also provides mentoring, tools, training courses, and virtual consultancy.


10. SpendHQ


DpendHQ is a spend analysis solution that provides rapid, accurate and detailed visibility into enterprise spend data. As a subsidiary of Insight Sourcing Group, SpendHQ is built by industry leaders with unmatched sourcing knowledge. Inc. Magazine has ranked Insight Sourcing Group among the fastest-growing private companies in America every year since 2008. In 2017, Insight Sourcing Group was also named the #1 Boutique Consulting Firm in the U.S. by 11.

There news and insights section has a lot of useful articles.

11. KPI Library


KPI Library, created in 2007, offer users an all-embracing library of KPIs and online amenities for building and sharing KPIs. The KPI Library also provides useful data for procurement and supply experts. After the free registration, users can surf by the process (e.g., logistics, procurement, and supply chain) or by, industry (e.g., production). Extra functionality attracts fees, alongside networking and discussion functionality.

12. LinkedIn


LinkedIn is an authoritative networking tool for procurement and supply experts. LinkedIn Members can join specialist groups which provides access to articles, discussions, news, and research on several relevant topics. A search on LinkedIn Groups Directory for “procurement OR supply” brings almost 2000+ results, with a variety of groups covering general procurement t forums to specialist areas.

13. Art of Procurement


Art of Procurement is the leading source for procurement professionals and leaders to learn from peers and elevate their impact. It is created by procurement professionals, for procurement professionals.

The website has blog and solid podcast which can listen and gain latest procurement management knowledge.

14. Next Level Purchasing Association (NLPA) Blog


NLPA is the most used online educational resource for procurement experts in varying career stages. You can stay updated on all things relating to procurement at the NLPA official blog.

15. Procurious Blog


This procurement blog is an online business network for the next gen of procurement and supply chain specialists. The aim of Procurious is to empower future procurement experts and transform the profession’s face. You can follow this blog to advancing your career, develop skills, and increase your professional procurement networks.

16. Procurement Heads


This blog is designed to keep you regularly updated with the latest happenings around Procurement. It also provides the needed insights into the procuring and recruiting marketplace. There is also the provision for regular Big Interview Series.

17. Procurement and Supply Australasia (PASA)


PASA is a leading benefactor for education and information valuable to procurement and supply experts. This procurement blog also supports a large community of engaged procurement participants. Though more renowned for its series of physical activities, including awards, events, publications, and community/network building activities.

18. Supply Chain Digest


Supply Chain Digest provides an online newsletter rolled out weekly for supply chain and logistics experts. Supply Chain Digest is a valuable tool when seeking information on a broader supply chain level. The Resources/Education section particularly comprises a large number of useful articles alongside research, tips, tools, and whitepapers.

19. Sourcing Innovation


Sourcing Innovation is a procurement blog for procurement, sourcing, and supply management experts with an emphasis on best practices, education, and origination. Authored and edited by Michael Lamoureux, an experience sourcing and supply chain expert, the site focuses more on e-commerce and technology. With over 1300+posts, Sourcing Innovation is amongst the most wide-ranging procurement blogs. Navigation is also made easy by the use of free text search function. Links and other related resources are also made available.

20. Quora


The Quora discussions were fascinating! Before I knew it, I’d spent an hour scrolling through procurement and supply chain questions and answers.

Some of the answers were good. I even ended up clicking through to in-depth blog articles linked in the Quora answers.

That’s when the realization hit me: Quora is powerful to ask difficult questions and get answers from experts.

People last me lot questions on Quora. Until now I have answered 142 questions. Karma still works!!

21. Spend Matters


Spend Matters is a one of the most famous amongst all procurement blogs for “everybody seeking insight into Spend Management.” Spend Matters scope includes category management, contract management, lean, low-cost country sourcing, procurement, sourcing, spend analysis, supply chain, visibility, etc. Spend Matters is amongst the substantial procurement blog devoted to procurement and supply. Additionally, Navigation is made easy with the use of free text searching.

22. Supply Chain Brain


Supply Chain Brain is a procurement blog that offers a single point reference to several important supply chain and associated news articles available online. The General SCM section consists of content covering environment, risk, strategy, and global supply chain issues. This procurement blog also makes references to external providers in addition to providing service providers and suppliers detail.

23. Supply Chain Digital


Supply Chain Digital is forward thinking and innovative ‘Digital Community’ intended to provide Procurement and Supply Chain experts with leading industry analysis, features, news, and reports. Supply Chain Digital displays the very up-to-the-minute supply chain and procurement trends by introducing insights from ‘Thought Leaders’ across the world who are employing ‘transformations’ inside big organizations.

24. Supply Chain Management Review (SCMR)


SCMR provides an executive level industry magazine issued eight times yearly. The content of this procurement blogs covers a wider spectrum of supply chain activities. Although subscription fees are required for the magazine, content from present and previous issue are available online after free registration. This procurement blog contains several articles and whitepapers on supply chain including Sourcing and Procurement group.

25. Supply Excellence


Supply Excellence is a procurement blog “dedicated fully to nurturing and fast-tracking supply management excellence.” This procurement blog focuses more on spend management technology but also references a variety of independent sources covering various connected issues. ‘supply risk,’ ‘sourcing,’ ‘procurement,’ and ‘Best practices’ are amongst the most used tags featured on the site. There is now an additional provision of Supply Now monthly podcast which features commentary and insight on the latest supply trends.

26. The Strategic Sourceror


Strategic Sourceror was created with the aim of being a different resource type to procurement and supply chain experts. It is 100% owned and handled by Source One, a leading Procurement Services Provider. Strategic Sourceror is the number one source for category management SME, procurement news, and strategic sourcing tips.

27. Zycus Procurement Blog


Zycus is a key provider of global procurement solutions suite across the procure-to-pay or source-to-pay cycles. This Procurement Blog makes available rich content source for procurement specialists holding key strategic roles.



That should leave you plenty to read and help you stay on top of all the procurement blogs and website to gain the knowledge you need. Staying alert to procurement knowledge and news will make you a better procurement and supply chain professional over time and help you avoid falling behind on the trends.

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