AI Tools for Business Professionals
04 May

3 Useful AI Tools for Business Professionals

Artificial intelligence (AI) is transforming the way supply chain or business professionals work. From predictive analytics to automated decision-making, AI tools can help streamline processes, reduce costs, and improve efficiency. In this article, we’ll explore some of the top AI tools for business and supply chain professionals and how they can be integrated into your daily processes.


In case you’re curious about more AI tools that might be helpful for your supply chain function or daily tasks as a business professional, you can read our blog “ChatGPT for Supply Chain: Exploring the Opportunities Ahead” and learn about the 5 use cases in which ChatGPT can be used as AI for Supply Chain.


List of AI Tools for Business Professionals

  • Sheet Plus
  • TLDR This
  • TL;DV


Sheet Plus: Write Google Sheets & Excel formulas 10x faster with AI


Are you tired of staring at your computer screen, trying to wrap your head around complex spreadsheet formulas? Well, fear not, my spreadsheet-loving friend, because Sheet+ is here to save the day (and your sanity).


Say “adios” to the endless cycle of trial and error and hello to the AI-powered formula generator of Sheet+. You don’t need to be a mathematical genius to navigate through spreadsheets anymore. Just describe the formula you need and watch as Sheet+ does all the hard work for you. It’s like having a personal spreadsheet assistant without having to pay for their coffee addiction.


But wait, there’s more! Sheet+ doesn’t just spit out formulas and leave you hanging. It provides you with step-by-step breakdowns and explanations of any Excel or Google Sheets formula, making you feel like a spreadsheet wizard in no time.


By utilizing Sheet+’s magical powers, you’ll free up valuable time and energy to focus on other important tasks (like finally organizing your sock drawer or binge-watching that new Netflix show).


So why waste any more time tinkering with spreadsheets when Sheet+ can handle the job with just a few clicks? Say goodbye to the boring spreadsheet grunt work and say hello to your new spreadsheet best friend. It’s such a handy AI tool for business professionals.


TLDR This: Summarize any piece of text into concise, easy to digest content 


TLDR This is a game-changer for supply chain and business professionals who need to quickly review large amounts of information. With this AI-powered tool, you can simply copy and paste the text you want to summarize or even the link to the text itself, and voila – a summary will appear in seconds. Say goodbye to the endless scrolling and hello to the precious time you just saved.


Whether it’s those never-ending emails from your boss or those painfully dull job descriptions, TLDR This has got you covered with just one click. You’ll be amazed at how easily you can breeze through your workload, leaving you more time to kick back and relax with this AI tool for business professionals.


TL;DV: Meeting Recorder that Transcribes & Summarizes All Your Calls


TL;DV is the ultimate AI-powered meeting recorder that can transcribe and summarize all your calls, whether it’s on Zoom or Google Meets. With this incredible tool, you can record high-quality audio and video, which you can access immediately in your meetings library. No more scribbling down notes or struggling to remember what was discussed – TL;DV has got your back.


But that’s not all. TL;DV supports over 20 languages and provides accurate transcripts with speaker detection to ensure that no detail is missed. You can easily create clips from recordings and search call moments with keywords to find relevant discussions related to specific topics. It’s like having your own personal assistant taking notes for you!


The AI Meeting Note Taker even summarizes key moments during meetings with a single click, allowing you to focus on the conversation making it a valuable AI tool for business professionals. Plus, you can seamlessly integrate and automate your workflows with your favorite tools, such as Notion, Google Docs, Slack, Salesforce, or HubSpot.


TL;DV is a game-changer for supply chain and business professionals who need to keep track of important information discussed during meetings. It’s the perfect tool to save time, stay organized, and be informed about everything that’s going on.


So why waste your time taking notes when TL;DV can do it all for you?

I would also recommend to check out translation tool like centus. Go multilingual and bring in more business. Now you can manage translations seamlessly and in no time – no matter where your customers are


The Rise of AI for Business Professionals


In conclusion, AI tools are becoming increasingly important in the world of supply chain management. The three tools we’ve discussed in this article – Sheet Plus, TLDR This, and TL;DV – can all help supply chain and business professionals save time, reduce errors, and improve efficiency. By using these tools, professionals can focus on other important tasks while still staying up-to-date on important information. As AI technology continues to evolve, we can expect to see even more tools and applications that will revolutionize multiple industries.



About the Author – Dr Muddassir Ahmed

Dr MuddassirAhmed is the Founder & CEO of SCMDOJO. He is a global speakervlogger and supply chain industry expert with 17 years of experience in the Manufacturing Industry in the UK, Europe, the Middle East and South East Asia in various Supply Chain leadership roles.  Dr. Muddassir has received a PhD in Management Science from Lancaster University Management School. Muddassir is a Six Sigma black belt and founded the leading supply chain platform SCMDOJO to enable supply chain professionals and teams to thrive by providing best-in-class knowledge content, tools and access to experts.

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