New Language Can Benefit Your Career
26 May

How Learning a New Language Can Benefit in SCM

Even if we take a quick look at the current supply chain management challenges like digital transformation and demanding forecasting evaluation, it becomes obvious that learning a new language is essential. It is a reason why so many bilingual specialists often manage to establish successful careers and deal with global challenges, congestion resolution, and frequent delays at ports that take place. The same relates to the field of e-commerce and the constant necessity to reinforce partnerships with supply chain management specialists worldwide. Knowing more than one language will always help to save time and resources as documental work must be done or when live communication takes place online or over the phone.


Conducting Supply Chain Management Market Research


Learning a new language will be of great help when conducting market research and evaluating the current challenges, especially if new logistical solutions are researched. Sometimes scanning through social media posts involves dealing with more than one language, which is why even knowing the basics can give your career a well-needed boost! While investing some funds and time as you learn can be challenging, it will always pay off and help you gain more confidence as you do your research. This way, you won’t have to wait for analytical data offered by assigned translation specialists with their bias and understanding of the situation. When you can translate the basics yourself or ask relevant questions, you can always compare the situation among different SCM markets and shape your unique opinion. Regardless if you just need to check things or work on an executive supply chain management task, knowing more than one language makes a world of difference!


Why Learning a New Language Can Benefit Your Career in Supply Chain Management


– Global Market Analysis.


Learning a new language can sound challenging, yet it’s one of the best investments that you can make for your future career. Regardless of what job and position you hold in the supply chain management field, you receive a fair degree of professional freedom to research and explore. One of the most important aspects of modern supply chain management is the necessity to research foreign markets.


As a specialist who knows more than one language, you will not rely upon translated reports that can often become biased as you collect valuable data on your own and make your unique executive report. Now, if it’s English that poses an issue for you or you need a trained expert who can help proofread your thoughts and ideas, it is recommended to approach top essay writing and let a skilled specialist assist you. When you have a plethora of different information coming from foreign sources, keeping things clear is essential! When your content remains readable, it always shows your skills as a supply chain management analyst!


– Estimation of Socio-cultural Aspects.


While it’s not often mentioned in the reports that reflect the situation in the field of supply chain management, the role of learning a new language becomes crucial when it comes to socio-cultural issues. When you talk to fellow SCM specialists in Greece or try to secure a safe logistics chain somewhere in the Middle East, you have to understand the culture. When you can exchange several phrases with foreigners, it often plays a major role as people do not approach you as a total foreigner anymore and see your genuine attitude and respect.


While some specialists will claim that it is not always true, understanding the methods of work, social, legal, and cultural limitations are still there. When you are dealing with delays or changes in the pricing schemes, you can still find a solution as a specialist who knows more than one language and as someone who understands the country’s specifics. Therefore, if you wish to build a successful career as a supply chain management specialist, you should always consider this important aspect of work!


– An Ability to Communicate Freely When Approaching Foreign SCM Specialists.


While it may seem like a minor issue, as you are only starting your career in the field of supply chain management, even the basic phrases help during most communications. Now, let’s assume a simple situation when a foreign logistics or customs officer needs to clarify whether an email message has been sent or asks you for a number of a transport declaration. Knowing how to approach this type of problem will help you to save time and avoid delays that can be critical in the long run.


It is especially relevant when the supply chain is new, and things are only getting polished by the specialists at play. Contrary to popular belief, this is where the presence of basic speaking foreign language skills is usually sufficient. If you need to deal with complex documental work or legal issues, it’s always better to approach the best certified translation services, as most types of linguistic work can only be translated by those who possess relevant certificates. You have to implement human translation methods only, even if you only have to translate usual routine templates. Always check elements like personal names and numbers twice, as it’s not a part of the translator’s vocabulary!


– Unbiased Research of New Logistical Solutions.


Learning a new language will help you to approach various logistical challenges differently. Unfortunately, the majority of reports that you can find online will have a certain degree of bias or outdated data. As it always takes time to complete a report, most documents that you may encounter in a single language won’t have the latest information included and may not reflect the sudden market changes that have taken place.


The only way to overcome this problem and stay on top of things is to research all the latest news and reports on your own without expecting someone to do the job for you! When you learn a new language and can follow foreign news reports on your own, it is always possible to approach trained specialists later and ask for focused research. Unlike most reports, it will help to narrow things down and avoid the typical research bias as you deal with logistical solutions and specific local challenges.


– Better Resolution of Major and Minor Issues.


As we all know, work in the field of supply chain management involves a lot of talking and writing as the best methods are estimated, or various issues are being solved. While it may be relatively easy to explain the objectives and possible solutions among people who speak the same language, it’s far not the case with foreign partners! If the company employs a person who speaks more than one language, it is always beneficial for the specialist and the entire team.


This way, it becomes possible to approach both major and minor issues by keeping valuable data within the company and maintaining a necessary level of privacy. Learning a new language will also help to address flexibility and agility issues, which are always discussed by the media. Regardless if you are dealing with e-commerce challenges or trying to track confusing information worldwide, learning a new language is a universal method to achieve clarity and avoid most problems.



Always Work On Your Social Media Presence


Learning a new language is also beneficial for your social media presence, especially as you are looking to establish a successful career in the field of supply chain management. The majority of HR scouts will look for bilingual specialists or those who can show linguistic skills. Since these are critical for the global environment, communication purposes, and the modern challenges of digital supply chain operations, showing your additional language skills always helps. Now, when you are already employed, people will see your business profile (learn to separate it from your personal social media page!) and know that they can approach you in more languages than English. Even if it means asking basic questions or determining the best method for simple logistic tasks, having a specialist who can immediately assist you and consult is what counts!


Learn how to keep things inspiring for your target audience, connect with fellow specialists and remember to listen and learn! Do not keep your skills locked and hidden as you master them! Feel free to advertise and promote yourself online as you take your new skills to another level by making them known and available. When you are learning a foreign language, you can combine numerous cultural and social aspects as well by making short social media posts to talk about your awareness. If you tend to keep things active and show dedication, your supply chain management career will always take off!




Josh Garner loves to study the challenges of digital marketing and supply chain management. As a business educator and trained linguist, he is happily offering professional consulting for students and entrepreneurs wishing to learn more about career success. Follow Josh to learn about the best ways to achieve clarity for your career and always keep things inspiring.