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27 Jul

10 Must-Watch Negotiation Movies: Master the Art of Persuasion with These Gripping Films

Negotiation, a crucial skill in the realms of business and procurement, demands the ability to remain calm, collected, and confident even in the most challenging situations. However, mastering this art can be tough and perplexing. Thankfully, in our digital age, we have access to an array of mediums for training and communication that can aid us on this journey of honing our negotiation prowess.


In this article, we delve into an unconventional yet remarkably effective training tool: movies.  Movies, which combine fun and instruction, have a special ability to teach insightful knowledge about the negotiation process. Today, we share our carefully compiled selection of the top ten negotiation-related films for 2023. These films were chosen to inspire and educate both aspiring negotiators and seasoned procurement managers.


So, grab some popcorn and get ready to explore these cinematic treasures, as each one aims to shed light on various aspects of negotiation by showcasing individuals who best represent the best talents and strategies. We hope that after reading this post, you’ll be excited to look for these films on well-known streaming services like Netflix or Amazon Prime, ready to discover and be motivated by the incredible negotiations depicted on the big screen.


Join us on this exciting cinematic journey as we uncover the captivating worlds of negotiation in the best negotiation movies of 2023!


The Top 10 Negotiation Movies


Lights, Camera, Negotiation: Why Movies are Your Best Teachers for Mastering Negotiation Skills.


1. True Grit (2010)



The 2010 film “True Grit” depicts the stubborn teenage Mattie Ross as she seeks to get revenge for her father’s murder. To find the murderer in Indian country, she enlists the aid of Rooster Cogburn, a rough and uncompromising U.S. Marshal. The Texas Ranger LaBoeuf, who has his own agenda, is standing next to them. The three negotiates difficulties, trust concerns, and individual goals while avoiding dangerous criminals on their quest.


Key Takeaway: “True Grit” teaches us important lessons about bargaining through its compelling characters and challenging situations. For effective negotiators, Mattie Ross is a prime example of tenacity and unshakable focus. The practical approach taken by Rooster Cogburn and his readiness to make unpopular choices demonstrate his adaptability in challenging circumstances. With LaBoeuf’s addition, the situation becomes more complicated, highlighting how crucial it is to work together and resolve differences of opinion. In the end, the film serves as a reminder that negotiation is about more than simply accomplishing one’s own aims; it’s also about understanding the motivations of other parties and emphasizing the value of teamwork in order to come to a mutually beneficial conclusion.


2. Django Unchained (2012)



In “Django Unchained,” the compelling story of Django, a former slave who became a bounty hunter, is explored. Django is on a mission to save his wife Broomhilda from cruel plantation owner Calvin Candie. Django navigates the perilous world of slavery and bigotry in the pre-Civil War South with the help of Dr. King Schultz, a charming but crafty bounty hunter. They must navigate treachery, peril, and moral quandaries as they enter Candie’s property in order to accomplish their goal.


Key Takeaway: “Django Unchained” provides insightful observations regarding negotiation techniques through the character dynamics and difficulties the characters encounter. Dr. Schultz is the epitome of a savvy negotiator, successfully swaying his opponents with charm and cunning. Django emphasizes the value of assertiveness in negotiations by displaying tenacity and courage in the pursuit of his objectives. Additionally, the movie illustrates the difficulties of bargaining in morally complicated circumstances, compelling viewers to think about the moral ramifications of their choices. The movie “Django Unchained” serves as a powerful reminder that negotiating is a skillful art that necessitates adaptability, aggressiveness, and consideration of larger ethical implications in order to succeed. From measured persuasion to unflinching determination.


3. Dog Day Afternoon (1975)



In the gripping crime film “Dog Day Afternoon,” Al Pacino plays the reckless and desperate bank robber Sonny Wortzik. The action of the film centers on the tense discussions that take place when Sonny is stuck inside the bank with hostages and is being encircled by police. As the crisis worsens and tensions rise, Sonny must maneuver the pressure-cooker environment to accomplish his goals.


Key Takeaway: Through its compelling plot and dynamic character relationships, “Dog Day Afternoon” imparts important lessons in negotiation techniques. Desperation and a lack of composure drive Sonny’s initial approach to bargaining, which creates a stressful and explosive environment. However, when a stern FBI negotiator enters the scene, Sonny finds himself up against a determined foe who keeps his composure and the negotiation’s focus shifts.


Viewers can understand the value of remaining composed and reasonable during crucial discussions by studying this difficult scenario. The movie illustrates how emotions affect the bargaining process and how they can impair judgment and have unforeseen results. Sonny’s experience also highlights the significance of flexibility in negotiations. Successful negotiators must be adaptable and able to change their strategy as necessary to get favorable results.


4. The Negotiator (1998)



In “The Negotiator,” Samuel L. Jackson plays police negotiator Danny Roman, who is caught up in a stressful situation after being falsely accused of theft and murder. As the evidence against Roman grows, he takes hostages to buy time while he investigates. He is put up against Kevin Spacey’s Chris Sabian, a skilled police negotiator, as the negotiation gets more heated. Roman uses his negotiation skills to outwit his opponents and find the real offenders in this suspenseful adventure that keeps the viewers on the tip of their seats.


Key Takeaway: Through its compelling story and engaging character interactions, “The Negotiator” teaches important lessons about negotiation techniques. The value of strategic thinking, flexibility, and maintaining composure under duress is demonstrated for the audience. The strength of excellent communication in high-stakes situations is demonstrated by Roman’s strong negotiating style and his capacity to establish relationships with both the hostages and his rival, Sabian. The movie also emphasizes the value of retaining emotional intelligence and paying attention to the needs and worries of the other person. Viewers gain understanding of the art of negotiation and its function in resolving complicated problems while maintaining lives and relationships through the hard negotiations presented in the film.


4. A Hijacking (2013)



The plot revolves around the hijacking and subsequent attempted release of a Danish cargo vessel and its crew. The central theme centers on the talks between the shipping company’s chief executive officer and the Somali pirates’ interpreter. The narrative is brimming with tension, akin to a thrilling expedition, where the slightest misstep from either party may lead to severe ramifications. The negotiations persist relentlessly for an arduous 120 days, witnessing both sides compromising and adopting a myriad of negotiation methods during the intense struggle.


Key Takeaway: “A Hijacking” emerges as an exemplary cinematic masterpiece focused on high-stakes bargaining, where lives dangle precariously. The performers deliver captivating portrayals, wholly embodying their characters’ resolute determination and solemn commitment towards achieving their ultimate objectives. The movie offers an opulent display of negotiation dynamics, showcasing diverse styles that epitomize the essence of this critical art. As spectators delve into the intricacies of the negotiations, they glean invaluable perceptions into the finesse of navigating challenging circumstances and making tough choices while safeguarding the lives at stake.


5. Lincoln (2012)



The story of this Steven Spielberg-helmed picture centres on the 16th President’s outstanding negotiating abilities as he faces obstacles in his quest to win a Congressional majority vote against slavery. He ultimately succeeds despite fierce opposition from plantation owners and politicians who support slavery.


Key Takeaway: The movie instructs us on the craft of negotiation as Lincoln skillfully modifies his strategies in response to the situation. He can persuade through the force of metaphor and storytelling at times, as well as logic and reason at other times. If his first attempts fail, he turns to using pressure and providing incentives to get the results he wants.


6. The Wolf of Wall Street (2013)



In “The Wolf of Wall Street,” the narrative is based on the true events of stockbroker Jordan Belfort, who amasses money and success by dishonest and criminal means. In order to gain millions in the financial industry, Belfort used client deception, a lavish lifestyle, and excessive drinking. Negotiations with clients, police enforcement, and regulators are featured frequently throughout the film as his fraudulent practises are exposed.


Key Takeaway: Although presented in a warning manner, “The Wolf of Wall Street” offers insightful observations on bargaining techniques. The film depicts unethical and unlawful behavior, but it also emphasizes the value of charisma and persuasive communication in negotiations. Belfort’s capacity for coercion and manipulation serves as a demonstration of the effectiveness of persuasion strategies and how they might be used ethically in negotiations. It also acts as a reminder of the moral guidelines that must be followed at all times when negotiating. Viewers can gain awareness of the negative effects of unethical negotiation techniques as well as the significance of upholding integrity and transparency in all discussions by viewing this movie.


7. Captain Phillips (2013)



In the movie “Captain Phillips,” Somali pirates kidnap the Danish cargo ship MV Maersk Alabama, which is a terrifying true story. The negotiations between Muse, the pirate leader, and Captain Richard Phillips, the ship’s master, are the main focus of the film as they struggle for control during a potentially fatal stalemate. In a high-stakes discussion where lives are on the line, the tension increases as the pirates demand a ransom for the freedom of the ship and its crew.


Key Takeaway: “Captain Phillips” is an effective resource for comprehending negotiation techniques in high-stress and life-threatening circumstances. Viewers may see how important emotional intelligence is in managing tough situations as the negotiations go. The negotiation skills of Captain Phillips, who managed to remain calm and sympathetic throughout, demonstrate the importance of emotional intelligence and its role in calming potentially explosive circumstances. The film also highlights the value of attentive listening and comprehending the underlying motives and anxieties of the opposite party. Captain Phillips’ willingness to compromise and partially take into account the pirates’ requests is an example of how crucial it is to look for common ground and establish win-win solutions, especially in hostile situations.


8. The Founder (2016)



“The Founder” chronicles the true story of Ray Kroc, a persistent entrepreneur who turns a small drive-in restaurant in California, owned by the McDonald brothers, into the global fast-food empire known as McDonald’s. The movie delves into the negotiations that unfold between Kroc and the original owners as they grapple with business expansion and control over the brand. Through persuasive tactics and strategic negotiations, Kroc gains control of the company, leading to a transformative and contentious business partnership.


Key Takeaway: The film imparts essential lessons in negotiation skills, particularly in the realm of business deals and partnerships. Ray Kroc’s tenacity and adaptability highlight the importance of perseverance in pursuit of one’s goals. His adeptness at persuasion and leveraging strengths underscores the significance of effective communication and understanding the motivations and interests of the other party. Furthermore, the movie emphasizes the complexities of negotiations in the business world, where conflicting visions and objectives may arise, stressing the need for compromise and mutually beneficial solutions to ensure the success of negotiations. By observing the negotiation dynamics depicted in “The Founder,” viewers can gain valuable insights and apply these principles to real-life business scenarios, fostering successful partnerships and ventures.


10. The Social Network (2010)



“The Social Network” portrays the tumultuous journey of Mark Zuckerberg, the co-founder of Facebook, as he navigates the complexities of creating the world’s most influential social media platform. The movie delves into the legal battles and disputes that arise between Zuckerberg and his former friends and co-founders, highlighting the intense negotiations that unfold in the pursuit of recognition, ownership, and financial gains. The film showcases the high-stakes nature of these negotiations, where reputations, friendships, and vast fortunes are on the line.


Key Takeaway: The film offers valuable insights into negotiation skills, particularly in the context of legal disputes and entrepreneurial ventures. Mark Zuckerberg’s determination and strategic decision-making underscore the significance of assertiveness and adaptability in negotiations. The movie also sheds light on the importance of understanding legal implications and seeking legal counsel during complex negotiations to protect one’s interests. Additionally, the film showcases the consequences of personal conflicts and ego-driven decision-making, emphasizing the significance of maintaining professionalism and rationality in negotiations. By observing the negotiation dynamics depicted in “The Social Network,” viewers can learn essential lessons in handling legal disputes, navigating entrepreneurial challenges, and fostering successful negotiations while preserving relationships and reputations.


Discovering the Unstoppable Power of Videos For Mastering Negotiation!


When it comes to mastering negotiation, the power of videos and movies cannot be overlooked. While traditional written materials like books and brochures are valuable, they may sometimes lack the engagement needed to keep learners focused and interested in such a vital topic. That’s why at Procurement Tactics, we have embraced the use of videos and movies as effective training tools to enhance the learning experience.


We understand the value of having a choice of learning resources in our Negotiation Courses for Procurement Professionals. We are aware that watching films on negotiation may be both educational and enjoyable, making the learning process fun and successful. Our course delves into the real-life issues and negotiating methods depicted in these movies, just like the top ten negotiation movies we’ve talked about, and draws useful insights that you can apply to your own negotiation situations.


1. Introduction to Negotiations Process Course:


Introduction to Negotiations Course



This comprehensive online course equips learners with essential knowledge and skills for mastering the art of negotiation. Inspired by movies like “True Grit” and “Django Unchained,” the course delves into fundamental negotiation principles and strategies. Participants will gain insights from real-life negotiation scenarios akin to those portrayed in these films, empowering them to apply these lessons practically in their personal and professional lives.


2. The Sourcing Process Course:


The Sourcing Process Course


Drawing inspiration from “The Negotiator” and “Dog Day Afternoon,” this course explores the intricacies of the sourcing process. Learners will discover effective sourcing techniques and how to navigate challenging situations to achieve successful outcomes. The movie-based learning approach highlights the significance of composure, flexibility, and strategic thinking in sourcing negotiations.


3. Introduction to Category Management Course:


Introduction to Category Management Course


Based on films like “A Hijacking” and “Captain Phillips,” this course delves into the high-stakes world of category management. Participants will learn negotiation methods employed in tense scenarios, similar to those witnessed in these movies. The course emphasizes emotional intelligence, attentive listening, and seeking common ground to foster win-win solutions in category management.


4. Introduction to Procurement Course:


Introduction to Procurement Course


Inspired by the negotiation dynamics depicted in “The Founder” and “The Social Network,” this course offers insights into the complexities of procurement negotiations. Learners will gain valuable knowledge about persuasion, adaptability, and ethical decision-making in the world of procurement. The course highlights the importance of understanding legal implications and maintaining professionalism during negotiations.


By combining movie-based learning with our specialized courses, Procurement Tactics ensures that learners gain practical skills and expertise to excel in real-world procurement scenarios. Our carefully curated selection of movies mirrors the challenges and triumphs faced by negotiation experts in various situations. Through the power of videos and movies, participants can unlock their full potential in the world of procurement, making Procurement Tactics the go-to platform for mastering the art of negotiation. So, grab some popcorn and embark on this exciting journey to become a proficient negotiator with us!


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