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21 Aug

Top 10 TikTokers to Take Off your Supply Chain

Try this as a tongue twister: “Tripping through tantalizing TikTokers, tenfold to transform your tangled supply chain!” That was fun, right?


In our digital age, where viral trends dominate, TikTok’s influence now extends to supply chain management. Discover the Top 10 TikTokers reshaping how you view supply chains. Beyond dance moves, they offer bite-sized insights for success, promising to elevate you above inefficiencies. Join the TikTok transformation for a riveting supply chain revolution!


As TikTok and influencers gain prominence, they’re reshaping consumer behavior and marketing. By utilizing TikTokers’ broad reach, businesses are transforming supply chains to establish deeper connections with their audience.


In this blog post, we will explore the list of Top 10 Supply Chain TikTokers who you need to follow right now and equip yourself with the actionable insights they have to offer.


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Highlighting the Role of Influencers and Social Media in Modern Marketing Strategies


In today’s dynamic marketing landscape, influencers have risen as vital players, profoundly shaping consumer behaviors and choices. Social media platforms like TikTok, Instagram, and YouTube are home to influencers with substantial followings and dedicated communities. These influencers hold the power to sway opinions, making them invaluable partners for brands aiming to authentically connect with their target audiences.


In contemporary marketing, influencers act as brand advocates, showcasing products and services through creative, relatable content. Brands team up with influencers to leverage their credibility and trust among followers, enhancing brand awareness and forging personal connections. This approach leads to heightened engagement and stronger customer loyalty.


By harnessing the extensive reach of social media influencers, businesses can complement traditional marketing and amplify their message. Integrating influencers into campaigns boosts brand recognition, widens market reach, and ultimately optimizes supply chains by boosting sales and nurturing a devoted customer base.


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Why TikTokers Hold the Key to Supply Chain Enhancement?


TikTokers have emerged as a strategic asset for advancing supply chain management, driven by several compelling factors that align seamlessly with the dynamic landscape of the digital age.


To begin with, TikTok boasts an expansive and diverse user base, encompassing millions of active users worldwide. This extensive reach provides businesses with the opportunity to connect with various demographics and target markets, enabling them to broaden their brand’s visibility and potential customer base significantly.


Secondly, TikTok’s distinctive format places a premium on concise, engaging, and visually captivating content. This style of content is highly suitable for effectively showcasing products and services in an entertaining manner, enabling businesses to adeptly convey their brand messages and values.


Moreover, TikTokers possess a refined skill for generating content that resonates authentically with their followers. This authenticity translates into heightened levels of trust and credibility for brands that engage in collaborations with influencers. Customers exhibit a predisposition to place their trust in recommendations from the influencers they follow, thereby fostering augmented brand loyalty and a positive impact on the supply chain, evident through recurring business and the propagation of word-of-mouth marketing.


In addition, TikTok’s algorithm is thoughtfully designed to prioritize content that drives robust engagement. Consequently, well-executed influencer marketing campaigns have the potential to swiftly achieve viral status, capturing widespread attention and further amplifying a brand’s exposure and potential outreach.


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Top 10 TikTokers to Take Off Your Supply Chain


Influencer marketing has revolutionized the way businesses connect with their target audience, and TikTok, as one of the fastest-growing social media platforms, has become a hotbed for impactful influencer campaigns. In this section, we present a list of the top 10 TikTokers who have successfully contributed to supply chain knowledge sharing and enhancement. Each TikToker’s profile includes their niche, follower count, and engagement rates. We will also explore how each influencer has impacted supply chain operations, sales, or brand awareness through their content and collaborations.


1) Eric Kimberling 

Eric Kimberling (@erickimberling0) | TikTok


Niche: Supply Chain Consulting

Follower Count: 61,300


Profile: Eric Kimberling is a renowned TikToker specializing in supply chain consulting. With a substantial following of 61,300, he has established himself as an expert in the field. Through his TikTok videos, Eric shares valuable insights, strategies, and best practices related to supply chain management.


Impact on Supply Chain: Eric’s engaging TikTok videos delve into the intricacies of supply chain, shedding light on crucial aspects such as the symbiotic relationship between Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software data. Eric masterfully elucidates how AI augments ERP systems, revolutionizing data-driven decision-making within supply chains. His insights help bridge the gap between theory and practice, enabling businesses to harness the potential of AI for superior outcomes. 


Furthermore, Eric Kimberling’s TikTok channel serves as a treasure trove of knowledge on pertinent subjects, including pursuing an MBA in digital transformation and discerning the nuances between software configuration and customization. His lucid explanations empower viewers to make informed choices, whether in the realm of education or technology implementation.


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2) Supply Chain Fitness

Supply Chain Fitness (@supplychainfitness) | TikTok


Niche:Fitness and Supply Chain Management

Follower Count: 15,900


Profile: Supply Chain Fitness is a unique TikToker who combines fitness and supply chain management in creative and informative ways. With 15,900 followers, he has carved a niche for himself by using fitness-related analogies and exercises to explain complex supply chain concepts.


Impact on Supply Chain: Supply Chain Fitness positively impacts supply chain operations by simplifying intricate principles and promoting an approachable approach. He seamlessly translates lessons from the fitness realm to supply chain dynamics, offering insights that lead to a healthier operational ecosystem. Just as healthy snack choices fuel truck drivers, Supply Chain Fitness underscores the significance of well-informed decisions in enhancing overall productivity.


Through engaging videos like “Healthy Snacks for Truck Drivers” and “Eat This, Not That,” he ushers in a new era of awareness, where mindful choices amplify both personal well-being and supply chain excellence.Moreover, Supply Chain Fitness extends his impact through practical advice, such as demonstrating “5 Full Body Stretches Truck Drivers Can Do.” By fostering physical well-being, he indirectly contributes to mental acuity and operational agility, thus nurturing a more robust and efficient supply chain workforce.


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3) Professor Rodriguez 

Professor Rodriguez (@professormrod) | TikTok


Niche: Supply Chain Education

Follower Count: 4,292


Profile: Professor Rodriguez is a TikToker dedicated to supply chain education. With 4,292 followers, he utilizes his expertise as a supply chain professor to share knowledge and insights related to supply chain management.


Impact on Supply Chain: The realm of Supply Chain has witnessed a profound impact courtesy of Professor Rodriguez, a distinguished Supply Chain Management instructor and seasoned logistics professional. Her educational content, brimming with impact, imparts newfound clarity to intricate concepts, equipping businesses with actionable strategies. Through immersive case studies and real-world anecdotes, she kindles a revolution in supply chain practices, fostering a vibrant community of enthusiasts. This strategy not only enhances awareness but also champions continuous learning, rendering a dual benefit for enterprises: the attraction of premier talent and the elevation of brand reputation.


Furthermore, her exploration of trending topics such as prime roles in logistics, revelations about the world’s busiest ports, and dispelling logistical myths, continues to shape the landscape. Professor Rodriguez’s TikTok presence is a conduit of insightful perspectives and pragmatic wisdom, fueling a journey of evolution within the dynamic realm of supply chain management.


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4) Dr. Muddassir Ahmed 

Dr. Muddassir Ahmed (@muddassirism) | TikTok


Niche: Supply Chain Education and Training

Follower Count: 4,083


Profile: Dr. Muddassir Ahmed is a respected TikToker specializing in supply chain education and training. With a following of 4,083, he is recognized for his expertise in the field. Through his TikTok videos, Dr. Ahmed imparts valuable knowledge and insights related to supply chain competencies, skills, and best practices. His content focuses on equipping aspiring professionals and existing practitioners with the necessary tools to excel in the supply chain industry.


Impact on Supply Chain: Dr. Muddassir Ahmed’s profound influence on supply chain is characterized by his distinctive educational approach, echoed through his TikTok presence as a Supply Chain Maven, Management Tips expert, and CEO of SCMDOJO. With a resonating impact within the supply chain industry, his insightful content resonates deeply.


Through his engaging TikTok videos, Dr. Ahmed imparts invaluable insights into the qualities that define exceptional buyers, highlighting effective communication, adept negotiation, and adaptability. These insights guide businesses in forming high-performing procurement teams, thereby fostering a seamless and efficient supply chain network. Moreover, his content delves beyond procurement, unraveling the core competencies and skills essential for triumphant supply chain management. His emphasis on technical prowess, agile problem-solving, and embracing technological advancements positions organizations to align their workforce with the dynamic demands of the modern supply chain landscape.


Dr. Ahmed’s TikTok presence doesn’t merely educate; it cultivates a community of informed practitioners. His captivating series on procurement excellence and supply chain skills nurtures a growing pool of professionals, contributing to industry growth and evolution. Dr. Ahmed emerges as a guiding force, intricately weaving empowerment and proficiency into the fabric of supply chain management. His dedicated commitment to fostering knowledgeable talent serves as an inspiring catalyst, propelling individuals and the industry toward optimized operations and unparalleled achievement.


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5) Daniel Barnes 

Daniel Barnes (@thatprocurementguy) | TikTok


Niche: Procurement 

Follower Count: 1,747


Profile: Daniel Barnes is a TikToker with a passion for sustainable supply chain management. With a following of 1,747, he has garnered attention for his expertise in promoting environmentally conscious practices within the supply chain industry. Through his TikTok videos, Daniel educates his audience on the importance of sustainability, offering practical solutions to integrate eco-friendly measures into supply chain operations.


Impact on Supply Chain: Daniel’s TikTok presence stands as a valuable repository of knowledge for businesses keen on aligning their operations with sustainable ideals. His scope extends to creating procurement content, spanning from foundational concepts like “What is Procurement?” to intricacies as nuanced as securing your first procurement role and navigating the multifaceted world of a contract manager.


In a world increasingly cognizant of environmental impact, Daniel Barnes’ contributions reverberate well beyond the confines of supply chain operations. He paves the way for businesses to usher in a greener future, thereby fostering long-term growth while championing the cause of sustainability. Through his educational TikTok journey, he empowers businesses to not only optimize their supply chains but also fulfill their responsibilities as stewards of a more ecologically balanced world.


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6) everythingislogistics 

Blythe | Logistics Podcaster (@everythingislogistics) | TikTok


Niche: Logistics and Supply Chain Education

Follower Count: 1,263


Profile: everythingislogistics is a TikTok account dedicated to educating its 1,263 followers on various aspects of logistics and supply chain management. With a focus on simplifying complex concepts, the account shares valuable insights, industry trends, and best practices.


Impact on Supply Chain: The impact of everythingislogistics on the supply chain is undeniably positive, driven by their provision of educational content to followers. Through their insightful approach in simplifying intricate logistics concepts, businesses gain heightened clarity in comprehending and implementing optimal supply chain strategies. With a focus on the logistics and supply chain niche, the account’s diverse TikTok content is a wellspring of knowledge, facilitating improvements in inventory management, warehouse operations, and transportation efficiency. 


From intriguing explorations like “Disaster Logistics in Turkey and Syria” to the creative blend of AI and trucking in “AIbut make it Trucking,” and even the unexpected yet illuminating delve into “The Logistics of Lipstick,” everythingislogistics empowers businesses with practical insights. This arsenal of relevant and informative TikTok content equips companies to elevate their supply chains, resulting in enhanced overall performance and a notable reduction in operational costs. Through their engaging videos, everythingislogistics not only educates but also fosters a community of informed supply chain practitioners, propelling the industry towards greater efficiency and success.


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7) Let’s Talk Supply Chain 

Lets Talk Supply Chain (@letstalksupplychain) | TikTok


Niche: Supply Chain Insights and Interviews

Follower Count: 1,052


Profile: Let’s Talk Supply Chain is a TikTok account with 1,052 followers that offers supply chain insights and interviews with industry experts. The account provides valuable information on supply chain trends, challenges, and innovative solutions. With engaging content and informative discussions, Let’s Talk Supply Chain fosters a community of supply chain enthusiasts seeking to optimize their operations and stay updated on the latest industry developments.


She has tiktok podcast on supply chain insights such as how supply chain touches all parts of business, our global suppluchain aty any given moment, and lets talk inventory. 


Impact on Supply Chain: Let’s Talk Supply Chain has made a significant impact on the supply chain landscape by keeping followers informed about industry trends and best practices through their dynamic TikTok podcast. Their insightful conversations with experts shed light on the intricate interplay of supply chain across all business facets and the global supply chain’s complexities. With episodes like “Let’s Talk Inventory,” the podcast delves deep into the nuances of inventory management. This interactive approach offers practical tips and equips businesses with the knowledge to enhance supply chain efficiency.


This commitment to sharing valuable insights has positioned Let’s Talk Supply Chain as a guiding light for businesses aiming to optimize their supply chains. By learning and implementing successful strategies, companies streamline processes, reduce costs, and elevate overall performance. Beyond being an information source, the account’s engaging content fosters a platform for professionals to collaborate, exchange ideas, and drive industry innovation. The TikTok podcast encapsulates the essence of the supply chain domain, cementing Let’s Talk Supply Chain as a pivotal resource bridging theory and action, and steering sustainable success across the supply chain landscape.


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8) Procurement4.0 

Procurement 4.0 (@Procurement4.0) | TikTok


Niche: Procurement and Supply Chain Technology

Follower Count: 417 


Profile: Procurement4.0 is a TikTok account with 417 followers that focuses on procurement and supply chain technology. With a mission to promote innovation and digital transformation in the procurement industry, the account shares content related to emerging technologies, automation, and digital procurement strategies. 


Impact on Supply Chain: Procurement4.0 has significantly impacted the supply chain by accentuating the pivotal role of technology in procurement processes. Through their engaging content, they introduce followers to state-of-the-art tools and automation, allowing businesses to seamlessly streamline procurement activities and bolster efficiency. Their content underscores the significance of data-driven decision-making and the integration of digital solutions to enhance supplier relationships and achieve cost-effective procurement. With its insights and knowledge-sharing approach, Procurement4.0 empowers businesses to remain at the forefront of industry advancements, harnessing technology for enhanced supply chain performance.


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9) Tom Mills Procurement Pro 

Tom Mills Procurement Pro (@tommillsprocurement) | TikTok


Niche: Procurement and Strategic Sourcing

Follower Count: 271


Profile: Tom Mills is a Procurement Pro on TikTok with a following of 271. He specializes in procurement and strategic sourcing, offering valuable insights and tips to businesses seeking to optimize their procurement processes. 


Impact on Supply Chain: Tom Mills Procurement Pro has left a notable imprint on supply chain dynamics, centered on the realm of procurement. His content serves as a practical toolkit, arming businesses with valuable skills and insights to fortify supplier relationships, master the art of negotiation, and cultivate cost-effective strategies. By adopting Tom’s proven methodologies, businesses effectively streamline their procurement operations, leading to condensed lead times and more advantageous supplier arrangements. 

Tom’s TikTok platform is a veritable wellspring of knowledge for those seeking to elevate their procurement practices, offering insightful videos like deciphering the essence of negotiation, recognizing telltale signs of discrepancies in procurement, and a spectrum of other pertinent topics. This content-rich approach profoundly empowers businesses, driving an undercurrent of supply chain through enhanced procurement prowess.


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10) SupplyChainSecrets 

SupplyChainSecrets (@supplychainsecrets) | TikTok


Niche: Supply Chain Education and Best Practices

Follower Count: 168


Profile: SupplyChainSecrets is a TikTok account with 168 followers, dedicated to supply chain education and sharing best practices. The account offers valuable insights on supply chain management, logistics, and inventory control. Through engaging and informative content, SupplyChainSecrets aims to help businesses optimize their supply chains and overcome common challenges.


Impact on Supply Chain: SupplyChainSecrets has made an indelible mark on the supply chain landscape by offering a treasure trove of insightful videos. With an unwavering commitment to empowering followers, their dynamic TikTok content covers a broad spectrum of supply chain topics. From astute advice on optimizing distribution networks and navigating outsourcing challenges to intriguing insights about the role of onions in the supply chain, each video is a fountain of wisdom. 


These carefully crafted videos transcend theory, igniting tangible improvements in inventory management, logistics efficiency, and overall supply chain effectiveness. SupplyChainSecrets’ content not only educates but also transforms, resonating beyond screens to instigate positive changes in supply chain practices. With its dedication to providing actionable insights, SupplyChainSecrets stands as an invaluable resource for enterprises striving to optimize their supply chains and achieve operational excellence.


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The Future of Supply Chain


In the future, supply chain advancements through TikTokers are poised to bring forth exciting developments. Influencers are projected to deepen their expertise in supply chain strategies, offering innovative insights and novel approaches. As businesses increasingly acknowledge the significance of TikTokers in reaching diverse audiences, the realm of influencer marketing is set to evolve. Strategic collaborations between brands and influencers will shape various supply chain initiatives.


Social media platforms, including TikTok, may introduce features that seamlessly integrate e-commerce, revolutionizing supply chains from discovery to fulfillment. Moreover, progressions in AI and data analytics are likely to empower TikTokers to deliver personalized and data-driven supply chain solutions, further enhancing their impact on the industry’s trajectory.




Influencer marketing, particularly through TikTokers, has emerged as a potent asset for supply chain enhancement in the dynamic digital landscape. Capitalizing on the extensive reach and profound engagement of these influencers, businesses forge deeper connections with their target audience, amplifying brand visibility within the supply chain arena. The Top 10 TikTokers spotlighted in this guide exemplify the influential impact of collaborations in reshaping processes, championing sustainability, and embracing technological strides within supply chain management. As the supply chain landscape continues its evolution, the horizon shines bright with prospects for influencer marketing via TikTok. Influencers are poised to acquire deeper expertise, while platforms may seamlessly integrate e-commerce. Embracing this trend promises to propel your supply chain to new horizons, securing a competitive edge in the ever-evolving realm of contemporary marketing.


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About the Author – Dr Muddassir Ahmed

Dr MuddassirAhmed is the Founder & CEO of SCMDOJO. He is a global speakervlogger and supply chain industry expert with 17 years of experience in the Manufacturing Industry in the UK, Europe, the Middle East and South East Asia in various Supply Chain leadership roles.  Dr. Muddassir has received a PhD in Management Science from Lancaster University Management School. Muddassir is a Six Sigma black belt and founded the leading supply chain platform SCMDOJO to enable supply chain professionals and teams to thrive by providing best-in-class knowledge content, tools and access to experts.

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