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Most Read Supply Chain Posts of 2017 at Muddassirim
03 Jan

Top 10 Most Read Supply Chain Posts of 2017 at Muddassirim


First and Foremost Happy New Year to you all!  2018 has started with new hope, new sprite and with new goals (in some cases!). These are the days for contemplating, thankfulness and optimism about what’s ahead by looking back the best supply chain posts of 2017.

As each year comes to a close, we all look back on the year that was in reflection.

I would like to share with you Muddassirism’s top 10 most viewed supply chain posts over the course of 2017. These will only contain posts written in 2017. There were approximately 33 blog posts in 2017, and over 379,663 page views on those posts alone. Muddassirism newsletter has added nearly 6,000 subscribers, increase Linkedin Followers by 10,111 and Facebook page followers by 5746 to the blog and ranked at Number 8 in Top 75 Supply Chain Blogs & Websites For Supply Chain Professionals.

I am very thanks for the constant support, feedback, and comments on my blog and on the Linkedin post. Your feedback is the lifeblood for me to keep me motivated and keep creating useful content.

I am currently working on Muddassirism 2.0 a massive upgrade from the current state of the blog with much more useful supply chain content, books, courses, guides, tools and more. Please subscribe to my newsletter to keep yourself updated. With this good news, listed below:

category management

Procurement Toolbox # 1: Category Management

returns costs

Fundamentals of Returns Costs in Supply Chain

3PL selection

Understanding Third Party Logistics (3PL) Selection and Management

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The Top 10 Blog Posts from 2017 @ Muddassirism

10) 9 Things You Should Show in Your Supply Chain Department Board

Gone are the days when the supply chain department board was only about metrics, analytics, and spreadsheets. Recent developments have made supply chain a core discipline in itself, which:

  • Provide considerable leverage to positively impact the financial performance of the company
  • Will allow more efficient utilization of working capital
  • Will improve our abilities to support customer requirements

I think the best supply chain metrics look at the total cost of supply chain, including end to end spend, salaries of the team, and overhead, and relate that cost to the results you care about – revenue generate and customer satisfaction.

This supply chain post is close to my heart, as this was my first post which has gain visits in thousands! READ MORE

9) Quickest Way to Perform ABC Inventory Analysis- Based on Value, Volume & Frequency of Sales

In supply chain most of us has been performing ABC inventory analysis for many years and in many different ways. This method has served us well and gives us several advantages. However, most supply chain analyst perform ABC analysis on value as you can see in this Wikipedia article and YouTube video.

Over the years I have developed an algorithm to perform ABC inventory analysis which is based on Value (£ or $ ), Volume (Qty/Units) and Frequency (number of lines) of sales. I have performed this analysis in many different business and plants I’ve worked with and it has given great results. With the help of my programmer friend, I have developed this algorithm into FREE ABC Analysis Tool . There is no complicated logic; it is simply a 80-20 rule (Pareto) of Value, Volume, and Frequency of sales.READ MORE


Procuring materials with the intention of production, sales and service fulfillment is indispensable for every single business. However, the approaches, strategies, and implementations differ immensely. We use a lot of terms like strategic sourcing, procurement and/or purchasing. In this blog, we tried to explain the difference between Strategic Sourcing vs. Purchasing.

7) The Top 7 Must-Read Procurement Book for Supply Chain Professionals

Previously I have written blogs about Best Supply Chain Books and Best Logistics Management Books. Both blogs have done well and received a lot of appreciation and feedback from Supply Chain community. Some of you have asked which procurement book is best available.

Before I start, is procurement purchasing? Or, is Purchasing procurement??? That is the question!
Well, in a broad sense, the answer is yes to both but there is a difference – a big difference…..READ MORE

6) The 12 Great Online Supply Chain Management courses For The Modern-Day Supply Chain Professional

Modern-day Supply Chain Professionals are expected to be competent in a number of skills, including analytical skills,  supply chain modellingdevising supply chain strategystrategic sourcing applying lean and six sigma tools in supply chain and more. Except you are ready to invest and commit years of your life to getting a degree for each discipline, you need a quicker, more actual way to close the skills gap and keep yourself relevant in a changing market. Get your Supply Chain career the needed boost it requires these popular online supply chain management courses.READ MORE

5) Top 23 Supply Chain Interview Questions and Answers Guide

I get a lot of messages on LinkedIn asking for mentoring and coaching request to help candidates prepare for next interview or what could be most prevailing Supply Chain Interview Questions. I hope most of you would agree if we have a list of comprehensive questions, it will greatly help us prepare? Assume tomorrow is your dream job interview. Apart from being excited, you must also be thinking what could be the possible supply chain interview questions and answers tips you can revise. Wonder no more! Here I have compiled a list of the REAL & must-read supply chain interview questions for freshers as well as experienced candidates.READ MORE

4) Which is The Best Supply Chain Management Book? Top 7 for Beginners

Which is the best Supply Chain Management Book for beginners like me to learn operations and supply chain?” someone asks me on Quora. And I thought I could write a blog on this and can mention 7 of them, rather than 1!  Although Supply Chain Management can be encapsulated in a definition presented in my old blog herehowever, these definitions explode into an immeasurably vast field not only for studying but also for working within. There are so many sub-fields and branches that it can be quite confusing to determine which area you wish to study or specialise in.

This is my one of the most organically search supply chain blogs.READ MORE

3) 7 Best Logistics Management Books You Should Read

There are so many different facets and books of Supply Chain Management; it can be overwhelming when it comes to actually choosing which reference book(s) to purchase. To help readers I have recommended these 7 Supply Chain Management books for beginners. Some readers have asked me can I recommend Logistics Management books which leads me to write this blog


2) 24 Excel Tips & Tricks to Becoming a Supply Chain Nomad

Knowing useful Excel Tips & Tricks are important for supply chain professionals at all levels. I have come across some candidate who has fantastic CV, but when asked to use simple Excel formulas like vlookup or pivot table, they struggle. I remember once candidate left halfway through the interview process as he struggles to apply the Excel formulas required to get the desired outcome.


In 2017, I have focused on Inventory Management and will continue the theme in 2018. One of the focus points was inventory reduction strategies. Out of many supply chain posts, I have written this article has gained special admiration from supply chain community, which I am very thankful!

1) 18 Targeted Inventory Reduction Strategies for Supply Chain Professionals

Inventory comprises an important part of current assets, particularly in the manufacturing industry. A lot of cash flow is committed to inventories so as to ensure a smooth flow of production to meet a demanding customer service level. However, maintaining inventory also involves holding or carrying costs along with opportunity cost. Therefore, identifying inventory reduction strategies becomes critical for supply chain and operations professionals.  READ MORE


In addition to the Top 10 best supply chain posts, I would like to share 2 paid contents products I have created in 2017. All of this content is uniquely available at Muddassirism and focuses to improve competences of Supply Chain and Operations Management Professional which is the sole purpose and vision of this blog!

Content Products Created in 2017


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