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The 25 Best Supply Chain and Procurement Twitter Accounts to Follow

The 25 Best Supply Chain and Procurement Twitter Accounts to Follow have been selected from many Supply Chain blogs. Well, it is all thanks to Twitter as it provide us instant access to the inside workings of some of the best Supply Chain and Procurement blogs in the business, and you’d be a fool for not tapping into it.

Supply Chain and Procurement is an ever-evolving field that can, from time to time, leave us feeling overwhelmed. So, if you need all the up-to-date and most dependable insights and updates, you need to follow the best blogs. And while there is a lot of astounding Supply Chain and Procurement blogs, here is:

A list of 25 Best Supply Chain and Procurement Twitter Accounts to Follow:

1.    SupplyChain24/7 / @SupplyChain247


Supply Chain 24/7 is the ultimate online business resource for Transportation, Dis­trib­u­tion, Logistics Supply Chain and Procurement professionals.

Examples of content shared by SupplyChain24/7 on their Twitter account:

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2.    SupplyChainBrain / @SCBrain


SupplyChainBrain the world’s most complete Supply Chain and Procurement management information resource, accessed year-round. They have a wide range of ever developing multi-media formats by many senior levels industry executives.

Examples of content shared by SupplyChainBrain on their Twitter account:

  • Don’t miss Asia’s biggest gathering for global CPOs—less than one month to register with code WSG_PCA17_SCB:
  • Hear from Direct Procurement visionaries from Volvo, Microsoft, Siemens, and more at ProcureCon Direct this August!
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3.    Supply Chain Digest / @scdigest ‏

Supply Chain Digest is one of the leaders in online newsletter and website for busy supply chain and Procurement professionals to get first hand newscast, insight and solutions.

Examples of content that Supply Chain Digest share on their Twitter account:

4.    Supply Chain Management Review / @SCMR

Supply Chain Management Review covers all of Supply Chain and Procurement management. This includes the flow of goods and information from sourcing to the final consumer.

Examples of content shared by Supply Chain Management Review on their Twitter account:

  • Global Ocean Cargo Industry at the “Tipping Point” of Digitization.
  • 4 Key Elements Supply Chain Managers Should Bear in Mind When Reviewing Commercial Contracts.

5.    Supply Chain Digital / @SupplyChainD


Supply Chain Digital offers the latest logistics, Supply Chain and Procurement news. Magazines are released monthly and also a supply chain website for associations and companies globally.

Examples of content that Supply Chain Digital share on their Twitter account:

  • The latest edition is LIVE! We feature @JLL and the transformation of its healthcare
  • HAVI & @ScaniaGroup have agreed a partnership with @McDonalds to help create a greener

6.    The 21st Century Supply Chain/ @Kinaxis


Kinaxis is a leading Supply Chain and Procurement provider of cloud-based software that enables customers to accelerate and improve analysis and decision-making across their supply chain operations.

Examples of content that the 21st Century Supply Chain share on their Twitter account:

  • Concurrency: Embracing the Death of #SnOP @SCM_World @Kinaxis
  • Santen Pharmaceuticals has begun a significant transformation of its global #supplychain environment w/ @Kinaxis

7.    Reddit | Supply Chain / @reddit


This sub-reddit is devoted to the specialized tools, resources, Supply Chains and Procurement that do astonishing work to aid mankind with the ability to complete remarkable tasks.

Examples of content that Reddit shares on their Twitter account:

8.    Muddassirism – Supply Chain Management & Procurement Blog / @muddassirism


Dr. Muddassir Ahmed is the leading blogger and influencer in supply chain. His major focus is to aid readers in acquiring valuable knowledge in the world of operations and supply chain and help them making better decisions in the supply chain career and jobs they are in.

Examples of content that @muddassirism share on their Twitter account:

9.    MIT Supply Chain / @mitsupplychain ‏


MIT Supply Chain offers everything from Logistics, Research, and Strategy to Transportation.

Examples of content that MIT Supply Chain share on their Twitter account:

  • MM SCM Credential Pioneers:
  • MITx MicroMasters SC1x Live Event 1-After the Breakout @YouTube playlist

10. UCLA Anderson Global Supply Chain Blog / @uclaanderson ‏


Developed by the Decisions Operations and Technology Management (DOTM) Faculty at the UCLA Anderson School. It is designed to report, analyze, and comment on events that relate to current Global Supply Chains and Procurement Management issues.

Examples of content that UCLA Anderson Global Supply Chain Blog share on their Twitter account:

11. Supply Chain Matters / @SC_Matters_Blog


A blog by Bob Ferrari, it offers Supply chain business and technology advisory services.. He has established and proven experience in business planning, process, and information technology transformation.

Examples of content that Supply Chain Matters share on their Twitter account:

  • More about product and market development and building supplier tensions
  • Ups Holiday Surcharge Announcement Will Lead to Industry Structural Shifts

12. Supply Chain Shaman / @lcecere


Lora Cecere is the Founder and CEO of Supply Chain Insights. She is also the author of the enterprise software blog Supply Chain Shaman. The blog focuses on the use of enterprise applications to drive Supply Chains and Procurement excellence.

Examples of content that Supply Chain Shaman share on their Twitter account:

13. / @SupplyChainNtwk


Supply Chain Network connect #logistics, Supply Chains and Procurement pros to people and also provides the info they need.

Examples of content that Supply Chain Network share on their Twitter account:

14. Squire Patton Boggs Law Firm | Global Supply Chain Law Blog/ @SPB_Global


The Global Supply Chain Law Blog discusses legal Supply Chains and Procurement issues that often lead to court case in the supply chain across industries.

Examples of content that Global Supply Chain Law Blog share on their Twitter account:

  • Russia cracks down on shareholders and management who cause company insolvency
  • Infrastructure Watch: The Impact of Proposals to Private Air-Traffic Control on Supply Chains

15. DTDC / @DTDC_Singapore


DTDC aspires to become India’s most preferred end-to-end Logistics, Express and Retail Services conglomerate with comprehensive global reach.

Examples of content that DTDC share on their Twitter account:

  • #Booking a #parcel is no more a hassle. Book a shipment online on our website
  • With DTDC’s #Shipping and #SupplyChainManagement be assured to give an extra edge to your #Ecommerce business

16. Supply Chain Navigator / @AVT_SCNavigator


Supply Chain Navigator gives tech startups how to go about delivering more quick turn, customized products, while reducing their reliance on inventory.

Examples of content that Supply Chain Navigator share on their Twitter account:

  • “New Security Vulnerabilities Uncovered in IC Supply Chain”
  • “Implications of Water Scarcity Risk in the Supply Chain”

17. JDA | Supply Chain Nation Blog /@JDASoftware


JDA is the leading provider of seamless Supply Chains and Procurement planning solutions for retailers, manufacturers, logistics providers and wholesale distributors.

Examples of content that JDA share on their Twitter account:

  • New #JDASurvey finds understanding consumer behavior is the missing link for #CatMan professionals:
  • How do you keep Inventory in stock? Learn about our store optimizing on #JDATV with @tsowen:

18. APICS | Thinking Supply Chain / @APICS


APICS is the leading provider of Supply Chains and Procurement operations with logistics management research, publications, and education and certification programs.

Examples of content that APICS share on their Twitter account:

  • Our Women in #Manufacturing study has many takeaways – APICS CEO Abe Eshkenazi highlights them here:
  • See APICS 2017 keynote John Mackey this October in San Antonio! Early bird discount ends June 30, save up to $600

19. Cin7 / @Cin7online


Cin7 is the world’s the most integrated inventory software. Cin7 Inventory connects your sales channels, 3PLs and EDI trading partners.

Examples of content that Cin7 share on their Twitter account:

20. HighJump Supply Chain Technology Blog / @highjump


HighJump is delivering Supply Chains and Procurement Management Software Solutions.

Examples of content that HighJump share on their Twitter account:

21. Avetta Blog | Global Supply Chain Management Solutions / @AvettaNews


Avetta provides SaaS based solutions for supply chain risk management that assist with the prequalification of contractors and suppliers.

Examples of content that Avetta Blog share on their Twitter account:

  • Our free webinar on strategies for #RiskManagement starts in 1 hour! Reserve your spot now:
  • Check out the 4 Strategies for Building a Strong #Safety Culture, then tell us which strategy you’ll implement 1st.

22. RELEX Solutions /@RelexSolutions


RELEX Solutions provides an integrated retail, Supply Chains and Procurement planning system that delivers impressive results for customers around the world.

Examples of content that RELEX Solutions share on their Twitter account:

  • How do retailers manage their supply chains in 2017? Download the free report and benchmark your business:
  • ‘Handling promotions effectively’ a top #supplychain planning issue for 40% of retailers | Read the report:

23. NFI Industries | Supply Chain Link Blog / @NFIindustries


NFI is a leading third-party logistics provider offering customers from various industries. Supply Chain Link provides your industry connection for everything on logistics, Supply Chain and Procurement.

Examples of content that Avetta Blog share on their Twitter account:

  • Tomorrow marks the first day of summer, keep your products cool with our refrigerated technology and services.
  • There is only 6 months left to implement ELDs. Are you prepared?

24. AFFLINK | Supply Chain Blog | Supply Chain Strategy / @AFFLINK


AFFLINK is a leader in Supply Chain and Procurement services providing cost savings, process improvement, and quality products.

Examples of content that AFFLINK share on their Twitter account:

  • Did you know going 21 hours without sleep is comparable to a 0.08 BAC? #workerfatigue #nationalsafetymonth
  • Fatigue related productivity losses cost almost $2,000 per worker every year but that’s not all

25. URICA | Supply Chain Funding / @URICALtd


URICA injects cash into Supply Chain and Procurement to permit businesses of all sizes to pay and get paid on the terms of trade they want.

Examples of content that URICA share on their Twitter account:

  • Looking to expand and grow your business overseas? Find out @greatgunstv secret to success:
  • A continuing slump in the #SCFindex is a real concern for growth of British Businesses:


This is the most comprehensive list of 25 Best Supply Chain and Procurement Twitter Accounts to Follow! And want to thank everyone for your contribution to the world. You deserve it!

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