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03 Jul

6 Essential Procurement Training Courses for Professionals: How To Begin and Advance Your Career in Procurement

In today’s fast-paced and competitive business landscape, organizations across industries are realizing the immense value of effective procurement practices. Procurement professionals play a vital role in driving operational efficiency, cost savings, and strategic decision-making. Whether you’re an aspiring procurement enthusiast or a seasoned professional aiming to advance your career, investing in procurement training and procurement training courses can be a game-changer.


You can successfully traverse the complexities of procurement processes with the knowledge, abilities, and tactics you gain during procurement training. It goes beyond the concepts found in textbooks by providing real-world examples and useful advice. Procurement training equips you to excel in the corporate world by teaching you everything from supplier dynamics to negotiating strategies.


The fantastic employment options that procurement training opens up are among the most convincing arguments for doing so. The demand for qualified individuals keeps rising as businesses increasingly understand how important procurement is to their overall strategy. By developing your skills through training, you put yourself at the forefront of this dynamic sector and are better prepared to benefit from a variety of roles and fruitful career pathways.


But how do you get started? Do not worry! This blog intends to assist you through the labyrinth of procurement training by pointing out the most reliable courses that fit your objectives and aspirations and hence act as your compass in the realm of procurement training, whether you’re hoping to break into the sector, looking to up skill, or yearning for promotion chances.


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List of the 6 Best Procurement Training Courses


  1. Introduction to Procurement Course
  2. Introduction to Negotiations Process
  3. Introduction to Category Management
  4. The Sourcing Process
  5. Total Cost of Ownership & Serve
  6. How to Choose and Select the Right Digital Procurement Technology


These essential procurement training courses with certification are a great roadmap for any beginner looking to break into the realm of procurement, familiarize themselves with the concepts and best practices related to negotiations, category management, sourcing and other procurement processes and equip themselves with credible procurement course qualifications. As for seasoned professionals, these advanced and standard procurement training courses provide a great opportunity for them to upskill and refresh their concepts and update themselves with the current industry best practices.


At the end of this blog, we will also be linking a couple resources of reading material to aid your journey of procurement training as well as best practice templates and dashboards to help improve your procurement processes as a working professional in the field.


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Choosing the Right Procurement Training Program


Before we further explore what the material of the 6 essential courses for procurement professionals in our list truly entail, let’s delve a little bit deeper into the factors that should be considered when choosing the right program and procurement training course for yourself.


Choosing the right procurement training program is a crucial decision that can significantly impact your professional development and career advancement. With so many possibilities available, it’s crucial to take into account a number of aspects to make sure you choose a programme that is in line with your objectives and yields the appropriate results. When selecting a programme for procurement training, keep the following important criteria in mind:


Evaluate Your Current Goals


Analyze your individual requirements and goals. Take into account things like your current skill level, desired improvement areas, and professional objectives. Choose between a broad overview of procurement and a focused course that focuses on certain topics like strategic sourcing, contract management, or supplier relationship management.


Reviews and Testimonials


To learn more about the caliber, efficacy, and general satisfaction of the programme, read evaluations and testimonials from previous participants. Find out what students have to say about the course’s relevance, the instructor’s knowledge, the interactive learning experiences, and the training’s real-world applicability. 


Course Structure and Curriculum


Make sure the program’s structure and content suit your desired learning style and time commitment by evaluating them. Take into account elements like the length of the course, the mode of delivery (in-person, online, or mixed), the presence of interactive exercises or case studies, and the availability of opportunities for hands-on practice. Effective learning requires a well-structured curriculum that has a healthy mix of theory and practical practice.


SCMDOJO’s courses are all available online, taught by leading industry Experts with years of professional experience on their roster. All courses offered are self-paced with chaptered content and a clear overview for each course. You are also provided with an official certificate at the end that can be linked to any of your social profiles such as LinkedIn and included as a part of your resume under professional qualifications and certifications.


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Accreditation and Industry Recognition


Check to see if the training programme is acknowledged by the procurement sector or accredited by the relevant professional organizations. Accreditation guarantees that the programme complies with high standards and is approved by professionals in the field. Recognition from respectable organizations or trade associations raises the program’s reputation and worth.


Cost and Time Commitment


Take into account the cost of the training programme and determine whether it is worthwhile given your budgetary constraints. Check to see if the programme provides financial aid or flexible payment options. In addition, evaluate the time commitment needed for the course, taking into account the length of the lectures, the length of the assignments, and any additional tasks. Make sure it works with your availability and schedule.


You may make an informed selection and select the procurement training programme that best meets your needs by carefully weighing these considerations. Keep in mind that investing in top-notch training can provide you a competitive edge, improve your abilities, and create new chances in the procurement industry.


6 Top Procurement Training Courses for Professionals


Here, we examine some of the best procurement training courses with official certification currently offered and emphasize their salient characteristics.


Procurement Training Course #1: Introduction to Procurement


The first course on our list is a great course for beginners who are just starting to familiarize themselves with what procurement actually is and what this exciting industry entails. This course is taught by Maryna Trepova, who is a procurement expert who provides consulting training, especially in procurement management courses.


Procurement presents an array of promising opportunities within numerous organizations, making it an exhilarating field. The objective of this procurement course is to provide an overview of procurement management and administration procedures. This course is designed to equip you with the necessary knowledge and skills required to contribute effectively to any procurement project or position. 


What you will learn:


Lesson 1. What is procurement and purchasing

Lesson 2. Trends and tendencies in procurement

Lesson 3. Role and influence of procurement function in the company

Lesson 4. Types of procurement. Tasks for procurement in the companies

Lesson 5. Five rights of procurement

Lesson 6. Procurement and Purchasing Cycle

Lesson 7. Competences are necessary in procurement and purchasing


This free online procurement course with a certificate is not only free of cost but also a great source for procurement training for beginners.


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Procurement Training Course #2: Introduction to Negotiations Process


Covering one of the most important procurement training topics, the Introduction to the Negotiations Process course offered by SCMDOJO Academy is tailored for individuals who wish to explore the negotiation process from the ground up or enhance their fundamental skills as a Procurement Manager.


What you will learn:


Lesson 1. What is the Negotiation Process and its Stages

Lesson 2. Planning and Preparation for Negotiation

Lesson 3. Interest-based negotiation

Lesson 4. Setting Limits, targets and goals

Lesson 5. Setting BATNA

Lesson 6. Manipulations and Tricks in Procurement

Lesson 7. Can we reach WIN-WIN strategy in negotiation with suppliers?

Lesson 8. Roles in the negotiation process


Procurement Negotiation Training


Procurement Training Course #3: Introduction to Category Management


The objective of this course is to familiarize you with the process of Category Management and its administration. The Category Management Course is designed to provide the necessary knowledge and skills required to support procurement projects or roles effectively.


Introduction to Category Management is a comprehensive course tailored for Engineers, Entrepreneurs, Managers, and Students involved in Procurement and Purchase Management. Category Management plays a vital role in every business, regardless of its size. Given the involvement of third parties and the numerous consequential efforts in procurement, it becomes crucial to prevent any shortcomings in processes to ensure logistical success.


What you will learn:


Lesson 1. What is the category management in procurement?

Lesson 2. 7 steps of Category management

Lesson 3. Peter Kraljic Matrix and Categories portfolio

Lesson 4. Category team and cross-functional cooperation

Lesson 5. Category strategies development. What is important?


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Procurement Training Course #4: The Sourcing Process


This course is specifically designed for individuals who are eager to learn the ins and outs of sourcing and buying, starting from scratch, or those who are looking to enhance their skills and advance on their journey towards becoming a Procurement Manager.


Throughout this course, you will gain valuable knowledge and practical insights on various aspects of the sourcing process in procurement. We will cover important topics such as the make or buy decision, approaches to the tendering process, prequalification evaluation, awarding criteria when sourcing from suppliers, and the key processes involved in obtaining quotations and tenders.


What you will learn:


Lesson 1. Sourcing process in procurement

Lesson 2. Make or Buy decision

Lesson 3. Approaches to tendering process

Lesson 4. Prequalification evaluation

Lesson 5. Awarding criteria when sourcing from suppliers

Lesson 6. Key process for obtaining quotations and tenders


Procurement Short Courses Online


Procurement Training Course #5: Total Cost of Ownership & Serve


Moving onto slightly more advanced courses, The Total Cost-of-Ownership (TCO) & Serve course offered by SCMDOJO Academy is designed for individuals in procurement roles, business management positions, or anyone seeking to efficiently manage their total cost of ownership, particularly in the post-Covid supply chain environment. In this course, you will explore various essential aspects, including the definition of Total Cost of Ownership, key considerations, the impact of the green economy, realities of the post-Covid supply chain, and a comprehensive cost calculation checklist. Gain valuable insights and knowledge to effectively manage total cost of ownership in today’s evolving business landscape.


This procurement training course is taught by Corey Weekes who is based in Toronto, Canada and is a co-founder and Managing Partner at the EIGHTY-FOUR GROUP Supply Chain Consulting company as well as a Senior Warehousing and Transportation Director at one of Canada’s leading and most globally recognized luxury apparel brands.


What you will learn:


Lesson 1. Total Cost of Ownership – Definition

Lesson 2. Total Cost of Ownership – Key Considerations

Lesson 3. Total Cost of Ownership – The Green Economy Impact

Lesson 4. Total Cost of Ownership – Post-Covid Supply Chain Realities

Lesson 5. Total Cost of Ownership – Cost Calculation Checklist (How is total cost of ownership calculated?)

Lesson 6. Total Cost to Serve – Definition

Lesson 7. Total Cost to Serve – Importance

Lesson 8. Total Cost to Serve – Key Downstream Cost Drivers

Lesson 9. Total Cost to Serve – Cost Determination Approach


Procurement Training & Certification Courses


Procurement Training Course #6: How to Choose and Select the Right Digital Procurement Technology


The course is designed to provide valuable insights to individuals interested in learning about sourcing, selecting, and evaluating digital procurement solutions. Whether you are starting your research or looking to enhance your knowledge, this course offers essential information for that purpose.


You will gain an understanding of what to expect within your budget, why ERP systems may not meet your needs, the detrimental impact of dirty data on digital procurement transformation, preparing a business case, and the limited usefulness of peer reviews in evaluating procurement software.


Procurement leaders who embrace innovative thinking and aim to drive organizational change will find this course particularly valuable. Additionally, professionals seeking a background understanding of available options for potential career transitions into implementation consultancy or roles within procurement tech companies will also benefit from this course.


What you will learn:


Lesson 1. What is Digital Procurement

Lesson 2. Types of Technology

Lesson 3. ERP vs Digital Procurement vs Best-of-Breed

Lesson 4. Real world application of digital procurement

Lesson 5. The importance of clean data

Lesson 6. Preparing a business case

Lesson 7. 10 things to consider

Lesson 8. 9 Top use cases

Lesson 9. Why software reviews and best of lists are virtually useless

Lesson 10. How much does this all cost


Procurement Certification


Additional Material


In addition to the courses described and recommended above, we also wanted to share a couple ebooks we believe will serve to be wonderful additions to your learning journey. Even if you are a seasoned professional with years of experience, these will be a good boost to your current level of knowledge and will prove to be good reading material worth your time.


#1. The Most Complete Supply Chain Terms and Glossary


Individuals involved in Supply Chain Management, including managers, academics, students, professionals, and practitioners, often seek a reliable and comprehensive resource that offers the latest terminology and practices. This source serves as the primary and most up-to-date reference, encompassing all essential terms, concepts, and definitions relevant to the field of Supply Chain Management & Logistics.



#2. Maritime Freight Sourcing and Procurement Guide


The Maritime Freight Sourcing and Procurement Best Practices Guide serves as a valuable resource to help you evaluate and address your specific maritime freight sourcing and procurement needs effectively. Requesting ocean rate bids can often feel like a challenging task, adding to the complexity and time-consuming nature of the process for shippers. However, by equipping yourself with the necessary data and insights, you can streamline and enhance the success of the entire process.


It is important to note that each shipper and business has unique requirements, making it crucial to delve into the specific details of your organization’s needs. There is no one-size-fits-all approach in this domain. Given the current market dynamics, having accurate data and information becomes even more critical as you enter supplier negotiations.



#3. Procurement KPI Dashboard Excel Template


For all practicing procurement managers and professionals in the field, the Procurement KPI Dashboard offered here aims to enhance your understanding of Procurement metrics, their definition, and measurement. This user-friendly Excel Tool can be easily customized to suit your requirements, allowing you to effectively monitor, measure, and control Key Performance Indicators relevant to your business.


By utilizing this essential Procurement metrics dashboard, you can ensure that your targets remain SMART (Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic, and Timely), enabling you to drive continuous improvement within your business and supply chain.





In conclusion, procurement training is crucial for maximizing the potential of people and organizations in the fast-paced procurement industry. Professionals may succeed in strategic sourcing, supplier relationship management, negotiation, ethical practices, and more by investing in training courses and programs that will provide them the information, skills, and strategies they need. These crucial abilities create collaboration, stimulate innovation, and support sustainable practices in addition to improving operational effectiveness and cost savings.


Individual goals, program evaluations and testimonials, course structure and curriculum, certification and industry recognition, as well as cost and time commitment, should all be taken into account when selecting a procurement training programme. People can choose a program that meets their unique needs by carefully examining these characteristics.


Individuals may position themselves as important assets to their organizations, fostering growth, creativity, and success, by seizing the chance to improve their procurement potential through training. Take the first step towards changing your procurement career by picking the best training course and starting your journey of lifelong learning and professional growth in the field.



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