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23 Apr

How To Create A Logistics Resume – Tips & Example

A well-written logistics resume that satisfies the needs of potential employers increases your chances of being recruited and securing the job of your dreams. Logistics jobs have been available for many decades, and given the Evolution of Supply Chain Management and Logistics, it has evolved.

What are The Typical Logistics Manager’s Responsibilities?


The primary responsibility is to control and optimise the flow of products. For their part, the Logistics Manager responsibilities are:


  • Lead a team of talented logistics professionals by hiring, mentoring, coaching and developing an organisation capable of building and maintaining the best-in-class global logistics and international trade capability.
  • To process orders, product storage, warehouse safety and security management of material handling system.
  • Can conduct warehouse improvement audit.
  • Sourcing for and managing haulage companies or transporter
  • Daily, a weekly and monthly report on trucks in transit and truck utilisation.
  • Build and strengthen global relationships with logistics partners by leading regular business reviews.
  • Improve the overall supply chain performance by proactively managing the KPI of the internal logistics team and logistics partners.
  • Own the critical logistics KPIs, for example, First Pass Fill Rate, Inventory Turns, Transit Time, Backorder, Past Due, E&O Inventory, Logistics Cost, Departmental Budget, Premium Freight, Warehouse Inventory Accuracy and Logistics Issue Resolution.
  • Drive continuous improvement of processes by integrating partner systems, streamlining flow, creating operating procedures, building analytics, eliminating waste and implementing tools.
  • Manage multiple projects and key initiatives in the area of logistics and report on project progress regularly.
  • Manage our transportation spend for small packages, parcels, LTL, Ocean and Air and negotiate on behalf of the company.
  • Maintain master data with respect to foreign trade management and customs compliance. Guide teams toward making compliant decisions and documentation.


You can get further ideas by looking at job responsibilities posted by companies at SCMDOJO Jobs board.


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What Expertise & Skills Will the Recruiter Be Looking For in Logistics Manager CV?


This is what a hiring manager would be searching for in terms of professionalism in Logistics Manager Resume :


  • Genuine leadership (see 9 C’s of Supply Chain Leadership).
  • The ability to convey and analyze data in several languages and across cultures is necessary.
  • Knowledge of Supply Chain Digitalization
  • Confidence in one’s abilities and a strong feeling of personal accountability.
  • Adaptability, energy, and a sense of camaraderie are all highly valued virtues.
  • Adaptability and good interpersonal skills are required.
  • Strong communication at all levels of the organization.
  • Organize and oversee large-scale tasks.


In addition to above skills, you must demonstrate 6 Technical Logistics Competencies in your logistics CV


Before you we give you tips on how to create a professional logistics resume, you must avoid these 5 Common CV MISTAKES by Supply Chain Professionals.



How To Create A Professional Logistics Resume?


The ideal logistics resume should show your talents, traits, experience, and professional objectives clearly and concisely.


Arial, Times New Roman, Calibri, or Century Gothic are some of the most often used fonts for resumes in the logistics industry. To guarantee an easy reading, go with a font size of 10 to 12. To make your logistics CV stand out, including pictures and videos.


The Layout & Graphics Tips of the Logistics Resume

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Optimizing Outbound and Delivery Costs Cost

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A resume’s layout must adhere to a set of guidelines. For example, the length of a logistics CV should not exceed 2 pages as a general rule. Also, check your resume for errors, inaccuracies, or grammatical errors!


When it comes to typefaces, select one that is easy to read and understand.


You may use whatever two colours you choose, but don’t mix more than that! For example, consider using a bright backdrop colour instead of a dark one.


Make sure your resume is aesthetically pleasing and stands out graphically. There are many CV builders available, my personal favourite is Canva!

The Format Tips of a Logistics Resume for Professionals


Your resume must be well-structured if you want it to be seen by a hiring manager. Everything’s crucial to get it out in the open, and there are numerous methods to accomplish so.


Generally speaking, you must adhere to a set of rules for arranging things. As a result, an ideal logistics manager CV should be arranged in this way:


  • The most critical information about your profile, such as your name, address, phone number, and email address, should be prominently shown at the top of an effective logistics resume (i.e., the tagline). It may be centred, left-aligned, or right-aligned at your discretion.
  • The Pitch- have clear Career Objectives. Just make sure it is not too long.
  • Experience gained in the workplace. A summary of the main 2 or 3 points is sufficient, don’t write too long responsibilities, the hiring manager is not much interested.
  • Hiring managers are more interested to read the “key achievement”. So show them the improvements you have made in Logistics KPIs you have managed.
  • Assets and abilities that are used to teach others.
  • Proficiency in a foreign language
  • The ability to work with systems & software
  • A good list of business acumen skills makes you a seasoned leader, manager and professional.


Like all sizes don’t fit all, similarly, the same resume can’t be sent to all jobs you are applying for. Make sure the resume is customized to the job you are applying for.


Do not include a picture of yourself while submitting your application. Approximately four out of five companies said they would reject a resume with a photo because they would not want to be accused of discriminating against candidates based on their appearance in a recent poll. Consequently, it is advised against posting a photograph on your CV.


Key Considerations About Logistics Manager Resume


Keeping these things in mind will help An attractive display, A transparent, simple, and exact evaluation of your profile, and an amalgamation of your professional and academic training. Know some more!


  • Make your application stand out with a unique resume title. If you’re applying for a job, you’ll need to provide this information. Make sure your title is essential, clear, and concise.


  • A Logistics professional resume should include relevant work experience. The individuals who will hire you will be able to see precisely which skills you have by looking at this part. It’s not essential to include all of your previous work experience on your logistics resume. A reverse chronological sequence is ideal for listing experiences. The most recent employment experience should be included first, followed by the oldest.


  • You don’t have to provide a specific date for this, only the year and month, but if you do, it is not a bad idea! Include the name of your previous employer in each course description. Also, don’t forget to provide a description of your time spent there.


  • This is an essential part of any logistics resume since it sums up all you’re about and what you want to achieve. Describe this hook concisely and compellingly. The aim is to catch the eye of hiring managers and pique their curiosity in reading your resume.


  • These days there is more than 90% chance that the recruiter or HR partner has Googled to find your LinkedIn Profile. So in this day and age is almost a must to have an awesome LinkedIn profile, like me ;). To help others to improve their LinkedIn Profile we have asked LinkedIn Profile Guru Hammad Siddiqui to create a course for SCMDOJO Community. I would strongly recommend all Logistics & Supply Chain Professionals to take this course!

How to Improve LinkedIn Profile – For Supply Chain


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Final Words


Your logistics resume will be incomplete without a cover letter, so include one with your submission. To show your interest in the firm while showing your skills, write a cover letter. However, creating a paper like this isn’t a walk in the park either. You must incorporate vital information without ignoring the format.




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