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Supply Chain Sustainability
Supply Chain New

Supply Chain Sustainability

No Ratings 60 minutes

Learn about the Impact of the need for sustainable Supply Chain Management, Corporate Social Responsibility, Circular economy and Moving from compliance to performance management

$ 49

People Skills

Presentation Skills as Key Success Factor

No Ratings 60 minutes

Get your audience from yaaaaaawn to yaaaaaay! Learn how to build boost your confidence and deliver convincing presentations.

$ 49

Supply Chain technology
Supply Chain Digitalization Best Seller Free

Building the Business Case for Supply Chain Technology Implementations

5.0 (2) 61 minutes

Learn step-by-step process on how to create a business case for supply chain technology implementation, get it approved and then implement the technology.

$ 49

Supply Chain Digitalization Bundle

Supply Chain Digitalization (Bundle)

No Ratings 50 minutes

Supply Chain Digitalization Readiness Assessment template along with our carefully curated Supply Chain Digitalization Course! Be the Ace in your team

$ 79

Negotiations Process course
Procurement Best Seller

Introduction to Negotiations Process

5.0 (3) 62 minutes.

In this course, you will learn phases of the negotiation process and building a negotiation team. Preparation for negotiation and planning, defining goals and alternatives. Trade-off and bargaining.

$ 49

Inventory Management Course
Supply Chain Best Seller

Basics of Inventory Management Course

5.0 (3) 40 Minutes

Learn about the Impact of Inventory Management on the Supply Chain, Optimizing Inventory Levels, and Stock Counting procedures

$ 49


Best Practices

Distribution Operations Capabilities Assessment
Supply Chain

Distribution Operations Assessment Tool

1 Files 88.78 KB

$ 29

Supply Chain Digitalization Readiness Assessment
Supply Chain Digitalization

Supply Chain Digitalization Assessment

1 Files 246.31 KB

$ 49

logistics kpi dashboard
Logistics Best Seller

Logistics KPI Dashboard Excel Template

2 Files 1.86 MB

$ 59

Inventory Optimization Tool
Inventory Management Best Seller

Inventory Optimization Tool in Excel

4 Files 2.67 MB

$ 69

Materials Management
Materials Management Best Seller

Materials Management Competencies Assessment

1 Files 92.09 KB

$ 49

Six Sigma Project Examples
Lean Six Sigma

Six Sigma Project Examples to Get You Certified

4 Files 2.01 MB

$ 49



Supply Chain Terms

The Most Complete Supply Chain Terms and Glossary



Plan For Every Part Template

Plan For Every Part Template & Guide



Demand Forecasting Methods The Ultimate Guide

Demand Forecasting Methods - The Ultimate Guide



Inventory Planning Methods

Inventory Planning Methods - The Ultimate Guide



PhD Thesis

PhD Thesis – Enhanced Supplier Development Framework




Stocktaking Procedure - The Ultimate Guide



5s kaizen guide

5S Kaizen Guide: Organizing the Workplace for Flow



warehouse management system pdf

How to Integrate a Warehouse Management System



Members Reviews

What SCMDOJO Members Say


Susan Randall

Director Silva Strategies Ltd - UK

SCMDOJO offers the full suite of practical, proven real world tools and insights to equip the supply chain community for growth and enhance individual careers.


Salman Ahmed Khan

Sr Assistant Manager, Spares & Planning -Steel - Pakistan

SCMDOJO has been a kind of blessing for me in advancing my career. The blog has help me in further increasing my skills and abilities like wise learning key tools and basic techniques in SCM.


Stacy-Ann Sarwan

Supply Chain Manager - Trinidad and Tobago

I have been following SCMDOJO since early days and his content is honestly a hidden gem. Both my professional development and industry practice has benefitted greatly from his contributions over the years. You can expect everything from coaching, advice, strategies, tips, tricks, tools and techniques when keeping up to date on real life challenges, trends and development in the field of logistics and supply chain management.


Benjamin Bloch

Global Supply Chain Leader - Germany

In SCMDOJO you get training to shape your future because there is knowledge for your personal growth! Offer is completed/supported by tools that will enable you to utilize learnings into your own business.


Hira Syed

Procurement Specialist - Oil & Fats Business - Pakistan

SCMDOJO is an excellent platform for enhancing the skills and knowledge related to end to end SCM. The simplest and easy to understand material available in SCMDOJO always helps me not only in enhancing my skills but also to keep me up tp date with respect to SCM world. Thank you SCMDOJO and thank you Dr. Mudassir for providing such a great platform full of knowledge.


Manuel Purwin

Vice President, Regional Head of Automotive - Germany

Muddassir and his SCMDOJO is a fantastic source of genuine content within the world of Supply Chain Management combining academic facts with real life experiences, and about to create a very strong community around it. These guy are fun and approachable too! I am looking forward to further learn, support and be a contributer as well.


Yannick Boutalbi

Project and Operations Manager - Italy

SCMDOJO is one of the tools which helps you to find the perfect balance between the right inventory management and a profitable supply chain and how to maintain performances over the long term while guaranteeing customer satisfaction. The tool permits you to manage the 5 key points 1: focus 20/80 2. Reliable data 3. step-by-step method 4. simple tools 5. regular monitoring.


INAM UlKareem

International procurement Specialist - UK.

I am following SCMDOJO from very start. And I can tell you the quality and amount of content share and posted by SCMDOJO is amazing and being a Procurement professional I feel that understanding Supply chain technology and processes can add value when I communicate and work with my biggest stakeholder within organisation THE LOGISTIC TEAM. I would like to extend my gratitude to SCMDOJO and appreciate for being my go to place for advance and current information for all supply chain knowledge.


Mohd Imran

SCM - India

I am following you from last two years and i really admire your spirit of sharing the supply chain experience with your own perspectives. I have been benefiting myself being a supply chain procurement guy. I am a new subscriber for this channel but I follow you on Linkedin from last two years. I receive your emails on weekly basis. Will only say that please keep sharing your experiences and especially the discussions part that you are doing with highly experienced people in supply chain


Dr. Ghada Elkady

Assistant Professor - Egypt

SCMDOJO offers a lot of informative, valuable and up to date information, challenges and suggested solutions for supply chain in different fields... I really like it so much and keep following all updates.. Highly recommend for all who are interested in supply chain and Logistics Management... Wishing you more and more success 🌹🌹


Ahmed Khaled

Regional Logistics Manager- Saudia Arabia

SCMDOJO is one of the treasures in the supply chain platform including tools, process and courses that would literally transform your life and accelerate the momentum for your career. I believe that anything that has a real why will never perish. And this is what Dr.Mudassir has, a strong why.

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